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Cameron Bright Biography

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Birth Name: Cameron Bright
Born: 01/26/1993
Birth Place: Victoria, British Columbia, CA

Bright (who was initially credited as Cameron Crigger) started his acting career appearing in several major commercials in both Canada and the United States. He quickly moved to a number of TV series, including Fox's "Dark Angel," Warner Brothers' "Night Visions," and Fox Family Channel's "Higher Ground," in which he played a young Joe Lando.

Bright's other television credits include CBS's "The Christmas Secret" (2000) with Richard Thomas and Beau Bridges; HBO's "Lone Hero" (2002) with Lou Diamond Phillips and Sean Patrick Flannery; and USA Network's "My Brother's Keeper" (2002), directed by John Badham, with Jeanne Tripplehorn.

In 2004 Bright made a major breakthrough into feature films, beginning with a supporting role "The Butterfly Effect" starring Ashton Kutcher and Eric Stoltz, then appearing as Rebecca Romijn-Stamos and Greg Kinnear's cloned son in "Godsend" (2004), and next in "Birth" (2004) starring opposite Nicole Kidman as a ten-year-old claiming to be the reincarnation of Kidman's decade-dead husband who implores her not to marry her fiance. Bright garnered rave reviews for his performance, both appropriately childlike and eerily mature, as well as some controversy due to a scene in which he shares a bathtub with Kidman.