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2015-03-14 Are Katy Perry and John Mayer Back Together?
2015-02-03 Kardashian-Jenner Women Rally Around Bruce Jenner
2015-01-21 Katy Perry and John Mayer Back Together?
2015-01-06 Russell Brand Flips When Pressed on the Price of His Rent
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2014-11-11 Katy Perry: I Had Suicidal Thoughts Following Russell Brand Divorce
2014-11-11 Russell Brand Curses Out David Cameron in 'Parklife' Parody
2014-11-11 Top 10 Unlikely Celebrity Couples
2014-10-28 Could Russell Brand Become Mayor of London?
2014-10-26 'Guardian Live: Russell Brand in Conversation' Trailer
2014-10-19 Russell Brand Takes His Revolution To The Street
2014-10-15 Katy Perry Says Exes Were 'Intimidated' and 'Threatened' By Her
2014-09-11 Russell Brand Documentary in the Works and More Movie News
2014-09-03 Russell Brand Takes Ice Bucket Challenge, Nominates Sean Hannity
2014-08-22 Katy Perry Talks Exes Russell Brand And John Mayer, Reveals The Longest She's Gone Without Sex
2014-06-05 Ryan Serhant's Realty Byte: Russell Brand
2014-05-13 Could Katy Perry's New Man Be Another Bad Boy?
2014-04-18 Online Exclusive: Dr. Jason Jerry on How Relapses Happen
2014-03-10 Online Exclusive: Is There a Right Way to Treat Addiction?
2014-03-10 Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus Twitter War Ends in Spanking
2014-03-08 First Look: Can Addicts Be Helped If They're Not Ready?
2014-03-07 First Look: Russell Brand on His Addictive Personality
2014-03-06 ShowBiz Minute: Bieber, Giudice, O'Brien
2014-03-05 Conan O’Brien Will Host This Year’s MTV Movie Awards
2014-03-05 Russell Brand Says Philip Seymour Hoffman's Death Was 'Inevitable'
2014-02-08 Russell Brand on Philip Seymour Hoffman
2014-02-08 Russell Brand: Hoffman Death Due To 'Stupid' Drug Laws
2014-02-07 Russell Brand Set to Remarry
2014-01-31 'Hop' Movie Review for Parents
2014-01-26 Despicable Me 2 - DVD Clip No.1
2013-12-11 Diver Tom Daley Dating Dustin Lance Black?
2013-12-04 Katy Perry Doesn't Want to Make Her Exes Look Bad
2013-11-21 Jack Dee Talks About His New Live DVD "So What?"
2013-11-19 Katy Perry Sparks Engagement Rumors by Wearing Diamond Ring
2013-11-11 Russell Brand Reveals He's in New Relationship
2013-11-06 Russell Brand on His Sexism
2013-11-05 Russell Brand Talks About Celebrity and Being a Hypocrite
2013-11-05 Katy Perry Dishes More On Russell Brand Divorce
2013-10-23 John Mayer Reportedly Planning Proposal to Katy Perry
2013-10-23 \ Russell Brand's New $2.2 Million Bachelor Pad Is Sure To Impress The Ladies
2013-10-18 Single Russell Brand Kisses Fans Onstage During His Messiah World Tour Gig
2013-09-30 Katy Perry Reveals She Had Suicidal Thoughts After Russell Brand Split
2013-09-30 Katy Perry Shares Suicidal Thoughts After Russell Brand Divorce
2013-09-30 Russell Brand Talks About Love and Paradise
2013-09-29 Katy Perry Fought Off Suicidal Thoughts After Crushing Divorce With Russell Brand!
2013-09-29 That Moment When... Russell Brand Tried to Breastfeed Host
2013-09-20 Russell Brand Cuddles Jemima Khan on a Stroll in New York City
2013-09-16 Russell Brand Dating Hugh Grant's Ex
2013-09-16 Katy Perry Ruined Russell Brand's Sex Life
2013-09-06 Russell Brand Addresses Transexual's Hook-Up Claim
2013-09-05 Russell Brand Slept With 'Celebrity Big Brother' Transexual?
2013-09-04 Katy Perry Furious at Russell Brand
2013-08-15 Julianne Hough, Russell Brand and Octavia Spencer In "Paradise" First Trailer
2013-08-07 Russell Brand Jokes About Sex With Katy Perry
2013-08-06 Is Katy Perry's New Video a Message to Russell Brand?
2013-08-06 Patrick Wilson, Sophia Bush, Jena Malone, Russell Brand, Kelly Ripa and More
2013-08-05 Russell Brand Jokes About Becoming a Monk After Katy Perry Divorce
2013-08-05 Russell Brand Thought of Other Women During Sex With Katy Perry
2013-08-05 Russell Brand Dating His Longtime Makeup Artist & Stylist
2013-07-22 Russell Brand Steps Out In Clingy Pants
2013-07-12 Russell Brand Likes To 'Test' Lesbian Relationships
2013-06-26 Katy Perry and Russell Brand's Former Home Gets Price Cut
2013-06-25 Russell Brand Cancels Middle East Messiah Tour Gigs
2013-06-21 Russell Brand Reveals Mila Kunis Rejected His Advances on Forgetting Sarah Marshall Set
2013-06-20 Katy Perry Shares Secrets About Divorce from Russell Brand
2013-06-20 Russell Brand Hit on and Got Denied by Mila Kunis
2013-06-20 Katy Perry On Russell Brand Divorce
2013-06-19 Russell Brand Wanted To Steal Mila Kunis From Macaulay Culkin
2013-06-19 Katy Perry Dumped by Russell Brand Via Text