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'White Collar' 2.11 'Forging Bonds' Advance Review

January 24th, 2011 1:00pm EST
White Collar
The long-awaited, much-talked-about flashback episode of White Collar finally hits our screens tomorrow night, and it's one to remember if only because it answers most, if not all, the questions about how the characters as we know them came to be. How did Neal meet Mozzie? How did he fall for Kate? How did Peter end up on Neal's case? How did he finally catch him the first time? Most importantly, who the heck is Vincent Adler? All those questions will be answered in forty-odd minutes tomorrow night at 10 PM on USA.

After coming across a photo of Neal with Adler, Peter pays his partn...

'White Collar' 2.10 'Burke's Seven' Recap and Review

January 18th, 2011 11:04pm EST
White Collar
White Collar is back to finish out its second season, and it picks up almost right where it left off. After being shot at close range in the midseason finale, Mozzie is rushed to the hospital, with Neal by his bedside once he's out of surgery (following the fastest montage ever). The TV cynic in me knew long ago that he wasn't about to be killed off, but it's still nice to get that addressed immediately, so the audience gets an answer and the story can move forward. After all, imagine what's going on in Neal's head. He's spent the first half of the season upset over Kate's murder, a...

'White Collar' 2.10 'Burke's Seven' Advance Review

January 11th, 2011 5:00pm EST
White Collar left us with a bang - literally, as Mozzie was shot by a man named Julian Larsson (The Dresden Files' Paul Blackthorne). As we resume the show's second season, the normally cool Neal Caffrey is still running hot, knowing the two most important people in his life were targeted by the same conspiracy. Having finally caught Garrett Fowler (Noah Emmerich), he sets his sights on Larsson - and what could be just another "let's move on to the next page of our mythology" episode is an impressive midseason premiere.

Mozzie's fate is handled deftly within the opening minutes; not ...

Interview: Tim DeKay, Matt Bomer Return For More 'White Collar'

January 10th, 2011 3:00pm EST
White Collar
Together, veteran actors Tim DeKay and Matt Bomer make up the best partnership on television today, and possibly one of the best ever. (Okay, and they're good-looking too.) As FBI agent Peter Burke and "consultant" Neal Caffrey, DeKay and Bomer are the core of USA's hit series White Collar. With the show getting ready to return for the back half of season two, its two stars sat down with me on Thursday to talk about what's coming next and what they've learned during the ride so far.

Your chemistry is really what makes or breaks the show. So what's the secret to your success?

Tim De...

Matt Bomer Backs Religious Tolerance Crusade

November 24th, 2010 1:10pm EST
Matthew Bomer
Actor Matt Bomer is calling for Americans to be more tolerant towards religious practices as part of a new public service announcement (PSA).

The White Collar star is supporting Characters Unite, an organization which aims to fight prejudice against personal beliefs.

He says, "It's been a sensitive issue since, oh, the beginning of time, but lately it seems that religious intolerance has been growing. While we can disagree about the past and we can argue about the future, we're all here now, together."

"Together we all have the same basic right to hold and practice our own beliefs. Go...

'White Collar' Premiere And Special Interviews!

July 13th, 2010 12:36pm EDT
What will you be doing tonight at 9 PM EST? Starpulse suggests turning on USA and watching the second season premiere of their hit show White Collar. USA brought Starpulse behind the scenes for a day to meet the cast, ask them about what's coming ahead, and see the sets in person. A panel of journalists got to speak with Tim DeKay (Peter Burke), Matt Bomer (Neal Caffrey), Marsha Thomason (Diana Lancing), Sharif Atkins (Clinton Jones), upcoming guest star Hilarie Burton (Sara Ellis), writer Matt Negrete, and costume designer Stephanie Maslansky. Then we got to wander the set and see Neal's p...

Behind-The-Scenes Look At 'White Collar' With Matt Bomer, Tiffani Thiessen, Tim DeKay And Willie Garson

October 22nd, 2009 10:20am EDT
White Collar
Direct from the mind of Jeff Eastin, characters are definitely welcome this fall as USA unveils the highly anticipated series White Collar premiering October 23. Take the edge of espionage and deliciously perfect comic timing delivered by four amazing actors and it looks like you have a hit!

Starpulse takes you on set and behind the scenes with the cast. Lead actor Matt Bomer discusses everything criminal from becoming white-collar crime mastermind Neal Caffrey to his undeniable good looks and evoking his inner Ferris Bueller. Co-Star Tim DeKay shows his everyman reliability both on and...

USA Casts Tiffani Thiessen In Original Series Pilot 'White Collar'

November 11th, 2008 4:54pm EST
Tiffani Thiessen
USA Network announced the casting of Tiffani Thiessen in the newly greenlit pilot "White Collar." Also starring Matthew Bomer and Tim DeKay, Thiessen will play Elizabeth, a very grounded, intelligent accountant, who also happens to be the wife of FBI Agent Peter Stokes (DeKay).

"White Collar" revolves around the unlikely partnership of a con artist and an FBI agent who have been playing cat and mouse for years. Neal Caffrey (Bomer), an incredibly charming criminal mastermind, is finally caught by his nemesis, G-Man extraordinaire Peter Stokes (DeKay). When Neal escapes from a maximum-...

"The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning" Hits Theaters October 4

September 3rd, 2006 9:00am EDT
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
The original 1974 film, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, shocked and stunned audiences with its bone-chilling realism. The horrifying story, drawn from a series of true events, is considered by many to be one of the greatest thrillers of all time and a landmark of terror that has influenced countless films in its wake. Iconic in popular culture, its menacing evil character, 'Leatherface,' will forever be one of the most recognizable screen villains.

With 2003's remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, starring Jessica Biel, the filmmakers at Platinum Dunes brought new life and vigor to the h...