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2015-01-16 Chappie: The First Robot with Feelings and Emotions
2014-11-06 Sharlto Copley on the Unique Experience of Making 'Chappie'
2014-05-21 Blomkamp Rumored To Be Directing Halo Pilot
2014-01-28 Hugh Jackman Joins Neill Blomkamp's Chappie
2013-09-30 Matt Damon's Childhood Dream
2013-08-29 Why Harry Styles Hates the Word 'Famous'
2013-08-25 Elysium's Matt Damon, Sharlto Copley Pay Tribute to 'Gangnam Style'
2013-08-15 'Elysium' Villain on Pranking Matt Damon
2013-08-13 Richard Roeper Reviews 'Elysium'
2013-08-11 A Paparazzi View Of The "Elysium" Premiere Red Carpet
2013-08-11 Elysium – Movie Review
2013-08-09 New Movies: Matt Damon as Ex-Con in 'Elysium'
2013-08-09 'Elysium' Movie Review
2013-08-08 'Elysium' Is Imaginative but Falls Short
2013-08-07 Matt Damon and Neill Bomkamp on Elysium
2013-08-07 Matt Damon and Jodie Foster Talk 'Elysium'
2013-08-07 Film Critics Say 'Elysium' Has a Political Agenda
2013-08-07 'Elysium': Matt Damon Interview
2013-08-06 Director Neill Blomkamp Talks 'District 10' and Michael Bay
2013-07-17 'Elysium' Preview - What Is Elysium?
2013-07-11 Elysium - Extended Trailer
2013-06-15 'Elysium' Preview
2013-04-28 'Elysium' Trailer
2013-04-14 'Elysium' Movie Trailer
2013-04-10 Matt Damon Elysium (2013) Movie Preview
2013-04-10 District 9 Movie Review for Parents
2012-08-15 District 9 Movie Review
2011-07-17 SNTV - Pirates of the Caribbean Movie News