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Jason Biggs Biography

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Birth Name: Jason Biggs
Born: 05/12/1978
Birth Place: Pompton Plains, New Jersey, USA

Biggs became recognizable to moviegoers due to his turn as Jim in "American Pie", but slimming down and taking on several other projects would keep him from getting stuck in the typecasting rut. The actor next hit the big screen as Hunter, a confident but goofy, sex-obsessed student in the college-set comedy "Boys and Girls" (2000) Co-starring Freddie Prinze Jr and Claire Forlani, the film didn't receive the business or acclaim that Biggs' previous outing had, but it was a minor hit with the target teen audience and helped the actor (here outfitted in trendy clothes and sporting ever-changing dyed hair) prove his versatility. Later that summer he could be seen with a starring turn in Amy Heckerling's "Loser", another college comedy featuring Biggs as Paul, a sheltered Midwesterner who arrives at New York University only to be saddled with the loser label by his nasty roommates. Paul finds companionship and sympathy in "American Pie" co-star Mena Suvari's Dora in this charming film that celebrated the underdog. That same year, Biggs lensed his first co-starring role in a drama feature, playing a love interest to Christina Ricci's Elizabeth Wurtzel in the long-delated "Prozac Nation", a film adaptation of the popular memoir about one young woman's struggle with chronic depression. On a lighter note, he would star alongside proven funnymen Steve Zahn and Jack Black in Dennis Dugan's dismal comedy "Saving Silverman" (also lensed in 2000), reportedly earning $1.75 million for his work.

Biggs reprised the character of Jim Levinstein for "American Pie 2" (2001), rejoining his castmates for a second, less fullfilling but equally successful helping of pastry, this time centered around Jim's relationship with freaky band camp girl Michelle (Alyson Hannigan), and following a stint on Broadway opposite Alicia Silverstone and Kathleen Turner in a well-received stage production of the 1960s film classic "The Graduate," Biggs returned for a third and supposedly final outing as Jim in limp sequel "American Wedding" (2003), in which his character finally heads to the altar with his flute playing bride. Biggs also assumed the Woody Allen-esque lead role in the Allen film "Anything Else" (2003), stammering and fretting his way Allen-style as a young writer caught in a torturous relationship with a neurotic actress (Christina Ricci).