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1980s Heartthrobs Then & Now (Photos)

5/19/2015 2:27pm EDT
80s Heartthrobs: Where Are They Now?
Rob Lowe shot to fame in films such as "The Outsiders," "St. Elmo's Fire," "Youngblood" and "About Last Night." He was one of the infamous members of the "Brat Pack," which also included Emilio Estevez, Anthony Michael Hall, Andrew McCarthy, Judd Nelson, Demi Moore, Molly Ringwald, and Ally Sheedy.

In 1988, Lowe made headlines after a videotape surfaced showing him engaged in sexual activities with two women at an Atlanta hotel during the Democratic National Convention. One of those women turned out to be just 16. Lowe's reputation was ruined and after entering rehab for drug and sex addi...

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, And Michael Beihn Set To Return In Fifth 'Terminator'

9/11/2013 5:07pm EDT
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Action star Arnold Schwarzenegger will be joined by some familiar faces when he returns to the Terminator franchise.

Arnold confirmed back in June that he is on board for a fifth film. "I'm very happy that the studios want me to be in 'Terminator 5' and to star as the Terminator, which we start shooting in January," he said during a speech.

A source has now told The Mirror stars of the first film, Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn, will be featured in some manner in the flick. Hamilton played John Connor's mother and Biehn played a resistance fighter that travels back in time to protect he...

Interview: Michael Biehn On Directing & Jennifer Blanc-Biehn On Playing 'The Victim'

9/20/2012 11:00am EDT
The Victim
Nothing announces new directing prowess more then a little gritty grindhouse action. That’s the chosen style of famed actor but newbie writer/director Michael Biehn for his new film "The Victim." (Out on DVD/Blu-ray Sept. 18 from Anchor Bay Entertainment.) The film stars both Biehn as a mysterious bearded woodsman and his talented wife Jennifer Blanc-Biehn as a desperate gal who brings some trouble to his doorstep. (Plus the flick also has some solid and memorable Danielle Harris action as well!) The film, which contains equal parts sex and sin, was a passion project for the two Biehns...

Interview: From 'Hitman' To 'The Divide' Filmmaker Xavier Gens Speaks To Starpulse!

4/16/2012 12:22pm EDT
Xavier Gens photo
For only having made a handful of movies, filmmaker Xavier Gens has already made quite a name for himself. Right out of the gate his feature film the horror outing "Frontier(s)" was not only the most notable of the 2007 Horrorfest 8 Films To Die For, but was so intense it was given the NC-17 rating. His second feature "Hitman" with Timothy Olyphant was no less controversial, with Gens having the visually impressive film taken out of his control during editing by 20th Century Fox. And his latest flick is perhaps his most dark, daring and amazing to date – a trapped in a basement post-apoc...

Review: Director Xavier Gens Latest 'The Divide' The First Five-Star Film Of 2012

1/9/2012 12:45pm EST
The Divide photo
As a filmmaker, the possible potential of director Xavier Gens has been a source of much discussion. His first feature "Frontier(s)" was a visceral and controversial addition to the slasher genre, not to mention an impressive first film. His next project "Hitman" also had all the Gens signature visuals, but proved to be a classic case of all style, little substance. (Although I always sensed heavy studio interference was the creative downfall on that one!) But with the arrival of his third outing "The Divide," Gens finally quells all whispers of his probable cinematic prowess and success...

DVD Review: 'Bereavement'

8/31/2011 11:20am EDT
Bereavement photo
Hadn’t yet had your fill of the serial killer genre? Well Anchor “blood in the water” Bay keeps the blood hits coming with the release of "Bereavement" out on DVD August 30. Check the body count below!

Title: "Bereavement"

Grade: 1

Cast: Michael Biehn, Alexandra Daddario, Brett Rickaby

Director: Stevan Mena

Rating: R

Runtime: 107 minutes

Release Company: Anchor Bay Entertainment


The Flick: I’ll fully admit I never saw "Malevolence," the film to which this picture is a prequel to, but after viewing the uninspiring "Bereavement" I don’t...

Humanity's Last Hope Rests On A Gun-Legged Go-Go Girl In 'Planet Terror,' On DVD Oct. 16

9/21/2007 1:51pm EDT
Planet Terror
Busting at the seams with outrageous action sequences, deliciously over-the-top characters and gross special effects, Robert Rodriguez's (Sin City, Once Upon a Time in Mexico) Grindhouse Presents Planet Terror explodes onto DVD as a two-disc extended and unrated edition on October 16 from Genius Products LLC. and The Weinstein Company.

Rose McGowan (Charmed, Scream, The Black Dahlia) and Freddy Rodriguez (Bobby, Six Feet Under) give stunning performances as go-go girl-turned-vigilante Cherry Darling and one-man wrecking crew El Wray as they try to save the world from a horde of flesh-...