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Birth Name: Kuno Becker
Born: 01/14/1978

Mexican actor Eduardo Kuno Becker was born on January 14, 1978, in Mexico City. He comes from a very talented family ranging from musicians to actors. His grand aunt Maria Felix is one of Mexico's most famous actresses of all time. He has played the violin since he was five years old and studied in Salzburg, Austria, at the Mozarteum and at the Nacional de Musica in Mexico. He is also a graduate of Televisa's prestigious Center for Artistic Education in Mexico. Kuno made his first television appearance as Eduardo on the Spanish soap opera "Para to da la Vida" and had roles on "Sonadoras" and "Te Sigo Amando." His movie credits consist of "Goal," "Goal 2 Living The Dream" and "English As A Second Language."

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