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Now Playing: Glenn Beck: The Christmas Sweater (Book Trailer) Jason And Katla's War On Christmas: Episode 2 "Political War On Christmas"
2013-12-10 Forbes list of highest paid personalities on television and guess who is #1!
2013-08-09 Oprah Loses Top Spot As 'Highest Paid TV Personality'
2013-08-08 Glenn Beck's TheBlaze Picked Up By Cablevision
2013-05-03 Satan Looks Like President Obama in History's 'The Bible'?
2013-03-18 Glenn Beck and WWE in Tiff Over Tea Party Villain
2013-02-24 Glenn Beck Calls Obama 'Chick In Chief'
2013-02-06 Bill O'Reilly Stuns Glenn Beck With His Giant Ego
2012-11-21 My Chemical Romance
2012-02-06 The Five on Fox, Kim Kardashian, Lassie and Flipper. Seriously.
2012-01-06 The Politics of Never Taking No... (DiGiTS - EP. 34)
2010-03-24 Obama In Wonderland Joe Sansone Book Trailer
2010-02-19 Bestselling Author Vince Flynn Discusses His Book Pursuit of Honor
2009-11-17 Pundit and Author Glenn Beck writes a children's book
2009-10-26 Suspense Novelist Vincent Flynn Discusses Consent to Kill
2009-04-07 Vince Flynn Discusses Protect and Defend, His Latest Thriller
2009-04-07 Vince Flynn Discusses His Latest Book Extreme Measures
2009-01-07 Glenn Beck: The Christmas Sweater (Book Trailer)
2008-12-12 Meet Novelist Vince Flynn
2008-11-03 Headzup: Glenn Beck On Nancy Pelosi
2008-02-20 Headzup: Are Ron Paul Supporters Terrorists?
2007-11-18 Headzup: Coulter Cuts Women's Right To Vote
2007-10-06 Headzup: Glenn Beck's Super Secret Bush Meeting

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