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'Nikita's' Final Season: An Interview With Noah Bean

11/18/2013 12:09pm EST
Nikita's been one of our favorite shows from the first season, so we're going to send it off big. Our preview of Nikita's final season begins with our favorite CIA analyst. Noah Bean plays Ryan Fletcher, and he told us what it's been like to go from low-level government employee to giving orders at Division.

Previously best known for playing Rose Byrne's deceased fiance on FX's Damages, Noah first appeared as a low-level CIA employee too nosy for his own good (and who had a little crush on Nikita), and then he kept coming back until Ryan was the President's man inside Division 2.0.

Asked ...

'Nikita' Recap: 'Doublecross' (2.16)

3/17/2012 12:05am EDT
After a month of reruns, we finally get three new episodes of Nikita. This one's packed full of action, if not necessarily big surprises, although there is one unpleasant one in the final minutes.

Division has seen four agents killed in three days, which has made Amanda very unhappy, and the lower-level agents disgruntled. Michael and Birkhoff bring this information to Nikita, with Michael insistent that the targeted agents were members of a task force Percy had him assemble to deal with Gogol. "Not again with the rescuing and the saving of the enemy!" Birkhoff protests, but Nikita ...

'Nikita' Recap: 'Clawback' (2.07)

11/5/2011 1:06am EDT
It took seven weeks, but Nikita finally hit its mark this week with an episode that put the screws to nearly every major character. Now will it be the start of something?

Ryan Fletcher (Noah Bean, if you forgot) cannot catch a break. The ex-CIA agent is now in prison, but the suspicious death of a pharmaceutical company employee makes him call Nikita (via his mom, no less). He's cracked a Division operation known as "Grey Rain." Unfortunately for Ryan, Amanda has intercepted the call and has sent Roan (Rob Stewart) to take care of him.

He ends up in the bowels of Division at epi...

'Nikita' 1.22 'Pandora' Recap and Review

5/13/2011 7:22am EDT
Now we come to the end of the rollercoaster ride that is Nikita. I hated it, then I loved it, then my feelings got all lukewarm, and now...well, now I'm still kind of lukewarm.

Picking up where "Betrayals" left off, Alex has apparently killed Nikita. We know that's not the case, but Joey Greco tells Percy that cardiac arrest is what did our heroine in, which doesn't make him as happy as one might expect. Percy orders Alex back to Division, telling Amanda "that was unexpected," before leaving to visit Oversight.

Meanwhile, Michael is still hanging out in the basement. Birkhoff wal...

'Nikita' 1.21 'Betrayals' Recap and Review

5/6/2011 6:09am EDT
Last week's Nikita was fairly forgettable except for that awesome scene that saw Amanda expose Alex as a traitor. It's time to pick that mayhem up where we left off!

Michael and Nikita are discussing how much time they have before Percy enacts his plan for world domination. "Whatever it is, if it fails with Percy's fingerprints on it, then he burns, and he knows that," Michael says. They know they need Birkhoff to help them break the encryption of the black boxes. She expects him to get a hold of the hacker, but he knows doing so will expose him for good. Then there's a now-require...

'Nikita' 1.10 'Dark Matter' Recap And Review

12/3/2010 1:02am EST
Nikita 1.10
Nikita certainly left us with a lot to think about almost a month ago. Not to mention, it teased us with the return of Owen (Devon Sawa), the rogue agent introduced in the "The Guardian"/"Resistance" two-parter. In other words, this episode has a lot on its plate from the word "go." Episodes with the highest expectations can also turn out to be the best for a series; look at last week, which certainly paid off what it promised.

We open with an excuse to show Maggie Q in a swimming pool. Nikita is obviously still struggling with betraying Michael at the end of "One Way," and she ends...