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Now Playing: Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, and Ryan Gosling to Star in Financial Drama 'The Big Short' Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, and Ryan Gosling to Star in Financial Drama 'The Big Short'
2015-01-14 Pitt, Gosling and Bale for 'The Big Short?'
2015-01-14 Morocco Clears 'Exodus' for Theatrical Run After Edits
2015-01-07 Why Christian Bale and George Clooney Love Berlinale
2014-12-29 'Exodus: Gods And Kings': MiniBite Joel Edgerton on Brothers
2014-12-23 'Exodus: Gods And Kings': MiniBite Joel Edgerton on Actors & Christian Bale
2014-12-23 'Exodus: Gods And Kings': MiniBite Joel Edgerton on Ego & Mementos
2014-12-23 Why Angelina Jolie's Christmas Is Coo-Coo
2014-12-23 'Exodus' Premiere: Red Carpet Interviews
2014-12-21 Exodus: Gods and Kings - The 11th Plague
2014-12-20 Bella Thorne's Star-Struck Moment
2014-12-16 Dreamy Christian Bale in 'Knight of Cups' Trailer
2014-12-16 New Malick Movie to Debut at Berlin Film Festival
2014-12-15 'Exodus: Gods and Kings': Richard Roeper's Review
2014-12-14 Christian Bale Takes on Iconic Role for 'Exodus'
2014-12-12 I Saw That: 'Exodus: Gods And Kings' Movie Review
2014-12-12 'Exodus: Gods and Kings' Clip
2014-12-11 'Exodus' Star Joel Edgerton LIVE
2014-12-09 Christian Bale Admits Terminator Salvation 'Didn't Work'
2014-12-09 What Drew Christian Bale to 'Exodus: God and Kings'?
2014-12-09 Bale Says Moses Could Be Considered a 'Terrorist'
2014-12-09 Hollywood's Fresh Faces: Joel Edgerton
2014-12-08 Christian Bale on Batman
2014-12-07 Top 10 Memorable Movie Underwear Scenes
2014-12-04 Another Top 10 Celebrity Lookalikes
2014-12-04 'Exodus: Gods And Kings': Miriam Clip
2014-12-04 'Exodus: Gods and Kings': What Makes You Happy? Clip
2014-12-04 Pharrell Williams Signs Up for Isle of Wight Festival and More
2014-12-04 Christian Bale Sheds Weight for 'Exodus: Gods and Kings'
2014-12-04 Bale Checks 'Life of Brian' to Make Sure His Moses Isn't Pythonesque
2014-12-03 Rupert Murdoch Defends White 'Exodus' Cast Including Aaron Paul and Christian Bale and Stirs Twitter Backlash
2014-12-01 Christian Bale Slams George Clooney for 'Whining'
2014-12-01 Christian Bale Jealous of Ben Affleck's Batman
2014-11-27 Christian Bale on Batfleck
2014-11-25 9 Great Christian Bale Movie Moments
2014-11-23 Christian Bale Takes You Behind the Scenes of 'Exodus: Gods and Kings'
2014-11-22 Sony Drops Steve Jobs Biopic: Will It Ever Happen?
2014-11-20 Celebrity Closeups: Christian Bale
2014-11-18 'Exodus: Gods and Kings' Trailer 2
2014-11-12 Top 10 Actors Who Can Pull Off Foreign Accents
2014-11-11 Exodus: Gods and Kings - Trailer No. 2
2014-11-08 Michael Fassbender in Talks to Replace Christian Bale as Steve Jobs
2014-11-05 Christian Bale Exits Steve Jobs Biopic
2014-11-04 Christian Bale No Longer Playing Steve Jobs in New Biopic
2014-11-04 Christian Bale Will Not Play Steve Jobs
2014-11-04 Christian Bale Quits StevevJobs Biopic
2014-11-04 Christian Bale & Seth Rogen Teaming for Steve Jobs Biopic
2014-11-02 Seth Rogen Cast as Steve Wozniak in Jobs Biopic
2014-11-02 Christian Bale Claims Moses Was 'Barbaric,' 'Schizophrenic'
2014-10-28 10 Movies We'd Like to See Starring Footballers
2014-10-12 Happy 40th - Birthday Boy Christian Bale's Changing Looks
2014-10-06 Christian Bale Watched Monty Python to Prepare for 'Exodus: Gods and Kings'
2014-10-05 'Exodus: Gods and Kings': Creating the Action
2014-10-01 'Exodus: Gods and Kings': World Featurette
2014-09-09 Christian Bale Welcomes First Son
2014-09-01 7 Actors Who Almost Played Batman
2014-08-24 Christian Bale And Wife Sibi Welcome Baby No. 2!
2014-08-19 Christian Bale and Wife Welcome Baby Boy
2014-08-19 Top 10 Decade Defining Actors of the 2000s
2014-08-13 'Exodus: Gods and Kings' Trailer
2014-07-13 Aaron Paul, Christian Bale In "Exodus: Gods and Kings" First Trailer
2014-07-11 FIRST LOOK: Christian Bale Is Moses in 'Exodus: Gods and Kings'
2014-07-09 7 Things That Need to Happen in 'Batman V Superman'
2014-06-01 7 Best Superhero Costume Reveals
2014-05-18 Hollywood Happening: Another Steve Jobs Movie
2014-03-23 Christian Bale And Wife Sibi Blazic Expecting Their Second Child!
2014-03-09 Oscar Fashions: Kerry Washington, Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper
2014-03-03 'Out of the Furnace': 'How's It Feel?' Clip
2014-02-26 'Out of the Furnace' TV Spot Trailer
2014-02-26 'Out of The Furnace' TV Spot 2 Trailer
2014-02-26 'Out of the Furnace' Trailer
2014-02-26 Academy Awards Fashion Preview At Oscar Luncheon
2014-02-12 Amy Adams and Cate Blanchett Stun At Oscars Luncheon
2014-02-11 Casey Affleck on Physical Transformations for a Role
2014-01-23 Casey Affleck on the Challenges of Street Fighting in 'Out of the Furnace'