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Forgotten Friday Flick - Do You Remember 1990s 'Flatliners'?

11/6/2015 12:15pm EST
Forgotten Friday Flick - 'Flatliners'
Having recently done an interview with William Baldwin I remembered one of my favorite of his films and began asking people’s thoughts on it. Most hadn’t heard of it and thus this weeks life and death selection – welcome to Forgotten Friday Flick. Today’s tale is one with a unique premise with an equally unique cast. It’s a story about some students who are dying to find out what comes after life ends and are willing to put their money where their mouth is. Today is a good day to die via…."Flatliners!"

Nelson Wright is a gifted and driven medical student who has one desire – to fi...

William Baldwin Talks Father/Son Switching And Films Of The Past

11/3/2015 12:00pm EST
Interview: 'Christmas Trade' Dad William Baldwin Talks Father/So
Of all famed and talented Baldwin brothers who have brought everything from charisma to comedy to their respective roles over the years, in the realm of on-screen sensitivity none hold a candle to William Baldwin. Infusing a soft sweetness and boyish grin to all his memorable work, William has brought everything from sensuality (see "Sliver" and "Fair Game!") to boyish charm (see "Backdraft!") to his roles over the years to create some very memorable movies indeed. His latest project sees Baldwin going back to his days of youth past with a new holiday take on the whole body switching come...

DVD Review: "Be My Valentine"

1/16/2014 11:10am EST
Be My Valentine
Ready for a little cupid arrow love match from the good folks at the Hallmark Channel?  Then follow us as we check out the new to DVD flick "Be My Valentine" out now from Cinedigm Home Entertainment.  We review the romantic options below.



   Title: "Be My Valentine"

   Grade: 3

   Cast: William Baldwin, Natalie Brown, Christian Martyn

   Director: Graeme Campbell

   Rating: Not Rated

   Runtime: 90 minutes

   Release Company: Cinedigm Home Entertainment



The Flick: What could have been a typical generic love story via the Hallmark fo...

Morgan Freeman And Billy Baldwin Offer Up Dinner Dates For Charity Auction

12/23/2011 8:21am EST
Morgan Freeman
Actors Morgan Freeman and Billy Baldwin are offering fans the chance to share a meal with them as part of a charity auction.

Oscar winner Freeman will treat one winning bidder and a friend to lunch, while Baldwin will break bread with his auction winner and a guest at top New York Italian restaurant Rao's.

Starting bids for both lots are $5,000 and the proceeds of the sale will benefit the actors' own charitable organizations.

Playboy publishing mogul Hugh Hefner has also donated a set of autographed pyjamas to benefit Lenny's House, an organisation which helps women wit...

'Hawaii Five-0' Recap: 'Ma'ema'e' (2.05)

10/18/2011 2:03am EDT
Hawaii Five-O
The number-one question I've heard all season when it comes to Hawaii Five-0 has been, "What's happening with Kono?" Well, tonight we finally got that train leaving the station. Would that be enough?

When a beloved college volleyball coach (Joe Toro) gets killed in his own locker room, Five-0 is on the case. The coach was living in the guest house of an affluent couple, Karl and Trisha Joyner (Rob Duval and Meredith Monroe), which gives Danny room to gripe about being underpaid and over-shot at. (This would have been a better cargument if it had happened last season, don't you thin...

Billy Baldwin: 'I'm So Proud Of Chynna'

10/12/2011 2:56pm EDT
William Baldwin
Actor Billy Baldwin held back tears of pride during a TV interview on Tuesday night after his wife Chynna Phillips was voted off Dancing With The Stars.

The singer was among the favorites to win the contest outright when the show began and joked she had made her husband promise to have a vasectomy if she won the dance floor challenge.

However, Phillips' run on the program ended on Tuesday and her shock exit caught Baldwin off guard.

Speaking to TV show Access Hollywood minutes after the elimination, he said, "I'm so proud of Chynna."

He then had to halt the interview to compose himse...

'Hawaii Five-O' Review: 'Kame'e' (2.03)

10/4/2011 2:09am EDT
Hawaii Five-O
Thanks to this week's Hawaii Five-O, I've found another reason to dislike camping: you just might find a corpse in the tent. Not cool, show. Not cool at all.

Steve and Commander White (Terry O'Quinn) - who's put in for a transfer to Pearl Harbor - have their bonding session broken up by this development - the body is that of a SEAL named Clay Garcia. Max tells Steve that the cause of death was a self-inflicted gunshot wound, but White and Garcia's wife Marissa (Sarah Roemer) aren't so sure. Looking over the evidence again (after Steve needles him into doing so), Max declares that G...

William Baldwin Helped Wife Chynna Phillips Get On 'Dancing With The Stars'

9/24/2011 4:00pm EDT
Chynna Phillips
William Baldwin pulled some strings to get his wife Chynna Phillips on the "Dancing With The Stars" dance floor because he thought the hit show would help revitalize her singing career.

The actor thought a spot on the popular program might benefit Phillips - so he contacted the TV bosses to sell them on the idea.

Singer Chynna explains, "Billy said, 'Chynna, why aren't you on Dancing With the Stars...? And I was like, 'Alright, well if you can get me on it, I'll do it.' And he made a few phone calls, and the next thing you know, I was on it. and I was like, 'Ah, now I have to do it.'"


Mackenzie Phillips Denies Prompting Chynna's Rehab Stint

3/12/2010 9:06am EST
Mackenzie Phillips
Actress Mackenzie Phillips is adamant her shocking expose about her incestuous relationship with musician father John Phillips is not to blame for her half sister Chynna's anxiety issues.

The star shocked fans when she released her book "High on Arrival" last year, which revealed she had a decade long sexual relationship with her father, founder of The Mamas & the Papas, which began when he raped her on the night she wed Jeff Sessler.

After pledging her support for her sibling, Chynna Phillips entered rehab in February, staying for two weeks to deal with "anxiety" problems. Upon leaving...

Chynna Phillips Backs Out Of Divorce Bid

3/2/2010 1:58pm EST
Chynna Phillips
Singer/songwriter Chynna Phillips filed for divorce from her actor husband Billy Baldwin on Friday - only to withdraw the petition two days later. The former Wilson Phillips star ordered her lawyers to file divorce papers on the day she was released from a rehab centre following two weeks of treatment for "anxiety issues."

However on Sunday, Phillips requested that her legal team withdraw the bid after realizing she wanted to work on saving her 15-year marriage to the Gossip Girl star, according to the New York Post.

A source tells the publication's gossip column PageSix, "Chynna has gon...

Alec Baldwin Gave Up Law Studies For Acting

3/1/2010 4:00pm EST
Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin had a back-up career planned if he didn't find success acting - he wanted to be a lawyer. The 30 Rock star, who will host the Academy Awards on Sunday night, spoke to a room of aspiring attorneys at New York's Fordham Law School on Wednesday night.

Revealing his doubts about the profession, he explained: "I didn't know if I wanted to join a field that was becoming as crowded and choked as law was."

However Baldwin, whose three younger brothers, Daniel, Billy and Stephen, all followed him into acting, admits being a lawyer could have helped his troubled Hollywood family.


'Gossip Girl' Filming Disrupted By Paparazzi Scuffle

2/25/2010 12:31pm EST
Blake Lively
Production on hit TV show Gossip Girl ground to a halt on Wednesday after a fight broke out between a set security guard and a paparazzo. Gossip Girl star Blake Lively was shooting a scene in Midtown Manhattan with guest actor William Baldwin when a group of photographers began gathering around the set.

Tension grew between the bodyguards and the snappers as they ignored repeated requests to step back to avoid ruining the take.

However, cameras had to stop rolling altogether when one stubborn photographer directed the racist 'N' word towards a member of security, sparking a violent confr...

Mackenzie Phillips Pledges Her Support For Chynna

2/16/2010 4:00pm EST
Mackenzie Phillips Pledges Her Support For Chynna
Actress Mackenzie Phillips has pledged her support to half-sister Chynna after she checked herself into rehab for anxiety treatment. The former Wilson Phillips star, who is married to Billy Baldwin, was admitted to an undisclosed recovery facility over the weekend.

Mackenzie has vowed to stand by Chynna as she battles her personal issues, just as the singer/songwriter did for her when she shocked Hollywood last year with the news of her decade-long sexual affair with their father, Mamas and the Papas founder John Phillips.

And the former One Day At A Time actress is confident Chynna...

Chynna Phillips Enters Rehab For Anxiety

2/16/2010 9:53am EST
Chynna Phillips Enters Rehab For Anxiety
Singer/songwriter Chynna Phillips has checked herself into rehab for anxiety treatment. The former Wilson Phillips star, who is married to actor Billy Baldwin, was taken to an unknown facility over the weekend, according to her manager Lizzie Grubman.

She tells, "After much thoughtful deliberation Chynna Phillips has checked herself into an undisclosed treatment facility for anxiety. With the full support of her family and friends, she is looking forward to her recovery. We ask that people respect her and her family's privacy at this time."

Last year, Chynna Phillips spo...

We'll Miss You 'Dirty Sexy Money'

7/18/2009 10:22am EDT
Dirty Sexy Money
Most of America is cutting corners these days - bringing lunch to work, cooking looking for happy hour specials, perusing the sale rack. But if there's one vestige of indulgence left, it is spying on the scandals and seductions of the Darling family of ABC's Dirty Sexy Money, which returns July 18.

The show was canceled in the spring, but the network was kind enough to burn off the remaining episodes, as it has already done this summer with the dearly departed Pushing Daisies and Eli Stone.

In the television landscape of reality competition shows and barely unscripted reality shows, ...

'Dirty Sexy Money' Returns

10/2/2008 10:13am EDT
Dirty Sexy Money
ABC's Dirty Sexy Money returned for its first episode since the writers' strike halted production last winter. The show features a star-studded cast. Peter Krause, best known for his role as Nate Fisher on Six Feet Under, stars as Nick George. Nick is the family lawyer for the richest family in New York, the Darlings. Nick helps the patriarch, Tripp Darling, played by Donald Sutherland, keep his family out of trouble, but his underlying motive is to find out who killed his father, a former employee of the Darlings.

The episode surrounded a fancy birthday party for Nick, and the t...

Movie Review: 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'

4/21/2008 11:51am EDT
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
When watching a trailer for Forgetting Sarah Marshall, the sound bite "from the people who brought you 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up" is played. They've gotten you on a technicality. Forgetting Sarah Marshall has some producers and cast members in common with the previous movies, but is the brain child of actor Jason Segel (How I Met Your Mother) who wrote the script for this predictable yet enjoyable romantic comedy.

The movie begins with Sarah Mashall (Kristen Bell), a television actress in a CSI type show complete with Billy Baldwin doing his best David Caruso, breaking up with ...

Media Group Predicts Hits & Misses Of The New TV Season

9/13/2007 1:34pm EDT
Gossip Girl
Independent media agency TargetCast tcm has picked five new network shows they think will be hits, along with the five they think will fall to the bottom of the heap as the primetime season begins in a week.

NBC has two new shows that should do well, says Steve Farella, CEO of TargetCast tcm, a media planning and buying agency. "Chuck" (Mondays at 8 Eastern), a comedy about a computer geek who becomes the government's most valuable secret agent, looks promising, the agency says. Also on NBC, "Bionic Woman" (Weds, 9 p.m.) should prove popular, borrowing from the 70s hit "Six Million Dol...

Seven New Dramas & Four New Comedies Join ABC’s Slate Of Returning Shows

5/15/2007 9:08am EDT
Michael Vartan stars in Big Shots
Stephen McPherson, president, ABC Entertainment, today outlined ABC's plans for next season and unveiled the network's 2007-08 fall schedule. Scheduled to debut next season are four new comedy series: "Carpoolers," "Cavemen," "Miss/Guided" and "Sam I Am"; along with seven new drama series: "Big Shots," "Cashmere Mafia," "Dirty Sexy Money," "Eli Stone," "Private Practice," "Pushing Daisies" and "Women's Murder Club." Alternative series "Oprah's Big Give(tm)" is also slated to debut.

In addition to the new series, ABC previously announced season renewals for "Brothers & Sisters," "Men In...

Celebrity Birthdays, February 21

2/21/2007 3:00am EST
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Happy Birthday to Welsh singer Charlotte Church (1986), "Ghost Whisperer" actress Jennifer Love Hewitt (1979), actor William Baldwin (1963), "Blue Lagoon" actor Christopher Atkins (1961), country singer Mary Chapin Carpenter (1958), "Frasier" star Kelsey Grammer (1955), "CSI" star William Petersen (1953), stage & screen actress Christine Ebersole (1953), Talking Head Jerry Harrison (1949), "Harry Potter" actor Alan Rickman (1946), "Star Wars" droid Anthony Daniels (1946), "Judging Amy" actress Tyne Daly (1946), record and movie producer David Geffen (1943), "Golden Girl" Rue McClanahan (193...

Celebrity Birthdays, February 21

2/21/2006 3:00am EST
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Happy Birthday to Welsh singer Charlotte Church (1986), "Ghost Whisperer" actress Jennifer Love Hewitt (1979), actor William Baldwin (1963), "Blue Lagoon" actor Christopher Atkins (1961), country singer Mary Chapin Carpenter (1958), "Frasier" star Kelsey Grammer (1955), "CSI" star William Petersen (1953), stage & screen actress Christine Ebersole (1953), Talking Head Jerry Harrison (1949), "Harry Potter" actor Alan Rickman (1946), "Star Wars" droid Anthony Daniels (1946), "Judging Amy" actress Tyne Daly (1946), record and movie producer David Geffen (1943), "Golden Girl" Rue McClanahan (193...