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'The Office' Comes Clean

12/12/2008 3:17pm EST
The Office
Dwight arrives at the office to find his chair, his desk and everything that was on his desk covered in gift-wrap. He suspects that it took Jim all night to pull of this joke but Jim corrects him. "It took five minutes. I have a black belt in wrapping." To which Dwight replies, "They don't give out black belts for stupid things." Then he surmises that if he can skin a moosedeer (whatever that is) in under ten minutes then he can unwrap his desk in less time. He throws his briefcase on top of his desk and goes to sit in his chair and it's all made of boxes. The totally fake set up implodes a...

'The Office': Frame Toby

11/21/2008 12:20pm EST
The Office
The entire staff of The Office is hanging out in the conference room hovering around free brownies. Kevin decides to take two brownies and scarf them down in two seconds. Angela mocks him, "Did it even touch your tongue." Dwight enters the conference room eating jerky. He turns down the brownie offer saying, "Fat and sugar, no thank you. I'll stick to my jerky." Jim asks him why he came into the room if he didn't want a brownie. He says, "To socialize and inform." Then Ryan asks Kelly if she's taking two brownies. She says yes but one is for Toby. Michael thinks that's really funny because ...

'The Office' Tells The Truth

11/14/2008 9:25am EST
The Office
This week on The Office, Michael holds a meeting in the conference room about international customs because he is being sent to exotic Canada to close a sale for Dunder Mifflin. As Michael points out, "In Italy you must always wash your hands after using the bathroom. This is considered polite." Thank goodness we don't live in a country where most people are rude. Wait.

Michael asks Meredith to act like she is from Abu Dhabi. She gets hello out before Michael tells her that her naked face offends him and covers her head with his coat. Nice.

Watch the 2-minute replay of the episode...

'The Office' Mugs For the Camera

11/7/2008 11:48am EST
The Office
For anyone disappointed with last week's episode of The Office, this week offered a more familiar pace and was jam packed with funny, quirky content that moved the plot forward.

Instead of coming clean and telling everyone that he and Holly broke up, Michael decides lying and saying they're engaged is a better idea. The staff gets really excited. Except for Darryl. He says to camera that he's not a big believer in therapy, but he would personally pay for Michael's co-pay in order for him to see a shrink. Andy suggests a double wedding with him and Angela. Michael says they wouldn't do...

'The Office' Gets It On

10/24/2008 12:33pm EDT
The Office
This week's episode was full of danger, intrigue and ultimatums. Pam was forced to get a job at corporate, answering phones ironically, in order to pay for life in the Big Apple and continue attending school. The only down side is that Michael, "knows where to reach (her) 16 to 18 hours a week," says Pam as Michael says her name over the phone as if he's saying "Riccola" from an Alp.

Michael and Holly have gone on a few dates. They walk into the office chatting about their last one. Michael says he wants to get a set of his own putt-putt golf clubs. He asks when he can see Holly again....