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Now Playing: Jennifer Garner Wouldn't Let Ben Affleck Take"Homeland"Gig 'Gone Girl' Trailer: The Meaning Of Ben Affleck's Life Is She
2014-04-16 Hot Actor Alan Ritchson Goes Shopping For His Newborn
2014-04-15 Ben Affleck Talks To The TMZ Tour Bus!!!
2014-04-11 Batman 75th Anniversary Animated Short&More, TJ Miller in Disney's Big Hero 6 - Beyond The Tra...
2014-03-28 Captain America Stars React After Announcement Of Dueling Release Date With Superman Vs. Batman
2014-03-18 Marvel vs DC Movies Coming Soon - Casting, Gravity vs Frozen : Beyond The Trailer
2014-03-13 JLo Wants Ben Affleck and Diddy to Drown
2014-03-12 Who Would Jennifer Lopez Save From Drowning, Ben Affleck or Diddy?
2014-03-12 J.Lo's Choice: Ben Affleck Or P. Diddy?
2014-03-12 Batman vs Superman 2016, Justice League 2017 - DC Cinematic Universe LOVE - Beyond The Trailer
2014-03-08 Zack Snyder Talks 'Batman Vs Superman' Casting
2014-03-05 Yep, Ben And Jen Got Photobombed By Glenn Close
2014-03-03 Oscars 2014: Winners and Losers
2014-03-03 Seth Rogen Cracks Wise Before Congress!
2014-02-28 Ben Affleck to Testify in Senate Hearing
2014-02-21 Matt Damon Sends Fax of Bare Butt to Ben Affleck, Jimmy Kimmel
2014-02-17 Win a Date with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck!
2014-02-13 Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are Moving to Detroit
2014-02-07 Batman Superman 2016 vs Jon Hamm as Dr Strange 2016?! - Beyond The Trailer
2014-02-04 Jesse Eisenberg Announced As Superman's Next Lex Luthor
2014-01-31 Ben Affleck and Matt Damon Auctioning Off BFF Position for Ten Dollars
2014-01-31 Jesse Eisenberg Cast As Lex Luthor In New Superman&Batman Flick
2014-01-31 Jesse Eisenberg Cast as Lex Luthor in Superman/Batman Movie
2014-01-31 Top 4 Entertainment Stories of the Day
2014-01-31 Ben Affleck Presents Gravity's Alfonso Cuarón with Top Honor
2014-01-27 'Gravity' Wins Top Prize At DGA Awards, The Show Famous For Predicting The Oscars
2014-01-26 Directors Guild Awards: Ben Affleck Presents Gravity 's Alfonso Cuarn With Top Honor
2014-01-26 'The Company Men' Review for Parents
2014-01-26 Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman Gets 3 Movie Deal – Franchise Friday
2014-01-25 Matt Damon livens up Davos with humorous speech
2014-01-22 Matt Damon Livens Up Davos with Humorous Speech
2014-01-22 Hugh Jackman for Pan 2015, Batman vs Superman or Justice League?! - Beyond The Trailer
2014-01-21 Ben Affleck Jokes About 'Big D***'
2014-01-20 Ben Affleck's Package Is The Talk Of Award Season
2014-01-20 Shadow Recruit: A Primer On The Jack Ryan Reboot Starring Chris Pine
2014-01-20 Garner on Affleck's Bat Suit: 'Unbelievably Cool'
2014-01-20 Ben Affleck's Large Manhood Was Hot Topic at Awards Show
2014-01-20 Batman vs Superman 2016 : DC Cinematic Universe DOOMED?! - Beyond The Trailer
2014-01-19 Cuba Gooding Jr. Rushes Ben Affleck at 2014 SAG Awards
2014-01-19 Matt, Ben, And Jen! What You Can Expect At Tomorrow's SAG Awards
2014-01-17 Chris Pine Reveals the Advice Alec Baldwin Gave Him Before Playing Jack Ryan
2014-01-16 Clancy's Jack Ryan returns to save the world
2014-01-16 Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit
2014-01-16 SAG Awards 2014 Preview
2014-01-16 Clancy's Jack Ryan Returns to Save the World
2014-01-16 'Runner Runner' Deleted Scene
2014-01-03 TOP 5 Best Casting Choices In 2013
2013-12-31 Best Celebrity Couples of 2013
2013-12-26 'Batman' Vs. 'Superman': Eying Joaquin Phoenix for Villain Role
2013-12-22 Ben Affleck Lashes Out At Paparazzi
2013-12-09 Gal Gadot Cast As Wonder Woman
2013-12-07 Can Ben Affleck Successfully Suit Up as the Dark Knight?
2013-12-05 Gal Gadot Is Cast as Wonder Woman in Man of Steel Sequel
2013-12-05 Batman and Superman Just Beginning Of DC Movie Future
2013-12-04 Argo - DVD Clip No. 2
2013-12-03 Hollywood's Dad Heroes Are Super Both On Screen and Off
2013-11-29 Adam Driver Denies 'Batman Vs. Superman' Nightwing Rumor
2013-11-19 Youtubers React To Ben Affleck Batsuit
2013-11-15 Wonder Woman in 'Superman Vs. Batman' Movie
2013-11-09 Could One Of These Actresses Be The Next Wonder Woman?
2013-11-08 Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy Lead the Trick or Treating Celebs on Halloween
2013-11-01 No Right Answer: A Better Batman Than Ben Affleck
2013-10-27 Does Ben Affleck Think Women Are Smarter Than Men?
2013-10-18 Jennifer Garner With Marlo Thomas
2013-10-16 Date Night Ideas, From Jennifer Garner
2013-10-16 Gravity Continues to Soar at the Box Office
2013-10-14 Joseph Gordon-Levitt Passing On Ben Affleck's Batman
2013-10-03 Ben Affleck Reacts to 'Batman' on Jimmy Fallon
2013-09-24 Gemma Arterton, Ben Affleck, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Together
2013-09-21 Ben Affleck Says The End Does Not Justify The Means
2013-09-21 Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck's 'Bromance'
2013-09-20 Jennifer Garner Talks Ben Affleck As Batman: "I'm Excited To Watch Him Do It"
2013-09-17 Ben Affleck Responds to Negative Fan Reaction After Batman Announcement
2013-09-17 Why Ben Affleck Got Backlash For Batman Casting
2013-09-17 Ben Affleck Breaks Silence on 'Batman' Backlash
2013-09-17 Ben Affleck's Wife Says He Has His Own Take on Batman
2013-09-09 Superman On Ben Affleck As Batman: "Why Not?"
2013-09-08 Kevin Smith -- 'I'm Not Saying I MADE Ben Affleck, But ... '
2013-09-03 Matt Damon Defends Ben Affleck and Says No to Robin
2013-08-29 Michael Keaton's Thoughts on Ben Affleck as Batman
2013-08-29 Batman Will Be Played By Ben Affleck - Germany Reacts
2013-08-28 Why Ben Affleck Became Batman
2013-08-27 Comedian Ben Gleib: Affleck Should Direct All His Films In Batman Costume
2013-08-27 Ben Affleck Playing Batman
2013-08-26 Ben Affleck In "Judge" Oliver's Court
2013-08-26 Petition Started To Fire Ben Affleck as Batman
2013-08-26 Ben Affleck Signed Multi-Picture Deal to Play Batman and He Gets Script Approval
2013-08-26 Ben Affleck as Batman: Will It Be That Bad?
2013-08-26 Val Kilmer on 'Batman': Give Ben Affleck a Chance
2013-08-25 Ben Affleck Is the New Batman
2013-08-23 Fans and Celebs React to Ben Affleck Batman Casting
2013-08-24 Ben Affleck Is the New Batman!
2013-08-23 Ben Affleck Announced as the New Batman
2013-08-23 Best Twitter Reactions After Ben Affleck Cast as Batman
2013-08-23 Ben Affleck Is The New Batman
2013-08-23 Should Ben Affleck Be the Next Batman?
2013-08-23 Ben Affleck Cast As Batman In 'Man Of Steel' Sequel
2013-08-23 Ben Affleck to Play Batman
2013-08-23 Ben Affleck Petition Asks Warner Bros. To Take Back His Batman Gig

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