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2015-06-28 Ben Affleck To Direct Solo Batman Movie
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2015-06-26 New Solo Batman Film Rumored
2015-06-25 PBS Postpones 'Finding Your Roots' After Ben Affleck Influenced Content
2015-06-25 PBS Shelves Show Over Ben Affleck Slave-Owner Ancestor Flap
2015-06-25 ‘Finding Your Roots' Postponed After Ben Affleck's ‘Improper Influence'
2015-06-25 Rumor: Ben Affleck To Direct Next Batman Solo Film For 2018 Release
2015-06-24 Moving Vans Spotted at Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's Home Amidst Break Up Rumours
2015-06-23 Is Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's Split Imminent?
2015-06-17 New Batmobile Shown Off in Vegas
2015-06-11 First Official Look at the New Batmobile in Batman V Superman
2015-06-10 Signs That Hollywood Doesn't Know How To Cast People Of Color
2015-06-06 Are Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Headed for a Split?
2015-05-29 Are Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner Getting Divorced?
2015-05-28 Set Photos Reveal 'Suicide Squad' Cameo
2015-05-27 Batmobile Spotted on Suicide Squad Set
2015-05-26 27 Hunkiest Celebrity Dads of All Time
2015-05-25 See Superman Choke Batman in New 'BvS' Concept Art
2015-05-20 ‘SNL' Five-Timers Club Celebrates Forty Years of Funny
2015-05-13 ‘SNL' Past Hosts and Writers Share 40 Years of Memories
2015-05-13 Reese Witherspoon Congratulates Jennifer Garner on Affleck's Amazing Penis
2015-05-09 Harley Quinn Co-Creator on 'Suicide Squad' Photo
2015-05-05 Joss Whedon Pressures Marvel for Daredevil Movie Reboot
2015-05-01 New Full Color Batman Costume Revealed
2015-04-30 'Batman V Superman': 2 New Images of Batman Reportedly Surface
2015-04-30 Is Batman In Suicide Squad? Ben Affleck Spotted In Toronto
2015-04-29 Documents Reveal Ben Affleck's Ancestor Didn't Own Slaves
2015-04-29 Celebrity Brother Facts You Probably Didn't Know
2015-04-28 Daniel Bruhl Confirms Captain America Role
2015-04-28 Affleck Apologizes for Request to Remove Personal Family Info From PBS Show
2015-04-22 Ben Affleck's HUGE Facebook Announcement Over Controversy
2015-04-22 PBS Probes Slave-Owning Issue; Affleck Expresses Regret
2015-04-22 Zack Snyder Finally Reveals Ben Affleck's Full Batsuit Days After Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer Debuts
2015-04-22 PBS to Conduct "Internal Review" Over Ben Affleck's Request to Hide Slave-Owner Ancestry
2015-04-22 Ben Affleck Embarassed By Slave-Owning Relative
2015-04-22 Ben Affleck Apologizes for Covering Up Slave Owner Ancestor
2015-04-22 Ben Affleck Says He Regrets Asking PBS to Edit Out Slave-Owning Ancestor
2015-04-22 A Closer Look at 'Batman V Superman's Batman Costume and Batmobile
2015-04-21 'Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice' Teaser Trailer
2015-04-21 Ben Affleck Fails to Hide Personal History
2015-04-20 ACM Awards, Brown, Affleck: Showbiz Round Up
2015-04-20 Ben Affleck Tried to Hide Slave-Owning Ancestor
2015-04-19 Josh Hartnett Regrets Turning Down Huge Movie Role
2015-04-18 Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice Trailer Officially Released Online
2015-04-18 Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer Leaks Online, and the Internet Has Mixed Reactions to the Footage
2015-04-17 Get Ready! Batman V Superman's IMAX Surprise!
2015-04-16 Marvel Gets Gritty in Netflix's 'Daredevil,' and It's Glorious
2015-04-10 Will Netflix's 'Daredevil' Fly or Flop?
2015-04-06 Affleck's Batman Suit a 'Six-Handed Operation'
2015-04-01 Hugh Jackman Takes on Biblical Role
2015-04-01 Ben Affleck Talks Congo with Congress!
2015-03-30 Why Matthew Perry Was at a Casino at the Crack of Dawn
2015-03-26 Rob Kardashian Compares Kim Kardashian to Rosamund Pike's ‘Gone Girl' Psycho Villain
2015-03-23 Jennifer Garner Looks Absolutely Stunning at Danny Collins Premiere--See the Pic!
2015-03-19 Batman's 'Suicide Squad' Role Revealed?
2015-03-18 Jennifer Garner Gets Mum Tips from Reese Witherspoon
2015-03-05 David Fincher Says Shut Up, Advice for Filmmakers
2015-03-03 Ben Affleck Whispers Something Into Jennifer Lopez's Ear at the Oscars, Then Gets Playfully Smacked on the Arm
2015-02-25 Travolta Still Ribbed for Last Year's Name Flub
2015-02-23 Travolta Still Ribbed for Last Year's Name Flub
2015-02-23 Travolta Still Ribbed for Last Year's Name Flub
2015-02-23 Megan Fox and Cameron Diaz Win Razzie Awards
2015-02-23 Seahawks Vs. Patriots: Find Out Which Super Bowl Teams the Stars Are Supporting
2015-01-29 Kit Harington Wants to Be Batman
2015-01-20 Gwyneth Paltrow Talks About Her Breakup With Brad Pitt
2015-01-16 Gwyneth Paltrow Opens Up About Friendship with Beyonce
2015-01-16 Gwyneth Paltrow: 'Brad Pitt Was Too Good, Ben Affleck Was Not Ready'
2015-01-15 Ben Affleck Will Be in ‘Strangers on a Plane'
2015-01-14 'Transformers' Sequel Leads Razzies 'Worst-of' List
2015-01-14 2015 People's Choice Awards Winners Recap
2015-01-08 Ben Affleck Is People's Choice Humanitarian Winner and More
2015-01-08 Memorable Moments from the Peoples Choice Awards