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Is Ben Affleck Headed To Rehab?

8/20/2015 10:01am EDT
Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck may be headed back to rehab after turning to alcohol to deal with the fallout of his marriage and rumors about an affair with the nanny.

The actor and Jennifer Garner recently announced they were divorcing after 10 years together, and Affleck has been the center of a scandal involving an alleged affair with the pair's former caregiver, Christine Ouzounian.

In Touch magazine reports (via Celeb Dirty Laundry) that Garner is pushing Affleck to go to rehab because she's worried about his "erratic behavior."

An insider revealed: "Ben's battle with alcoholism has been rearing its u...

Ben Affleck's Alleged Nanny Lover Has Some New Career Plans

8/17/2015 10:49am EDT
Ben Affleck's Ex-Nanny/Alleged Mistress Christine Ouzounian Want
Ben Affleck's former nanny and alleged lover Christine Ouzounian reportedly has her sights set on Hollywood.

The child care provider, who reportedly sneaked around behind Jenner Garner's back with the "Batman Vs. Superman" star, is seeking an agent and wants to star on a reality show such as "The Bachelorette" or "Dancing With The Stars," a source told Page Six.

"The word in LA is that Christine is looking for an agent and wants a TV deal, on something like 'The Bachelorette' or 'Dancing With the Stars.' She knows she most likely can't go back to nannying — who in LA would hire her now to...

Christine Ouzounian Was Engaged While Involved With Ben Affleck?

8/15/2015 9:28am EDT
Nanny Christine Ouzounian Was Engaged During Alleged Affair With
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s former nanny, Christine Ouzounian, was reportedly engaged when she began an alleged affair with the actor.

OK! magazine reports that Ouzounian was set to marry Christoph Albury, a fisherman in the Bahamas, before she started a relationship with Affleck.

The New York Daily News reports that a Facebook picture from 2013 shows Ouzounian wearing an engagement ring. In another photo from 2014, the couple is pictured together and the nanny was still wearing the diamond ring.

A source told OK! that Albury was worried about Ouzounian’s job and the temptations sh...

Is Ben Affleck Paying The Bills For His Former Nanny/Alleged Mistress?

8/13/2015 9:52am EDT
Source: Ben Affleck Is Not Funding Ex-Nanny Christine Ouzounian'
Ben Affleck's former nanny and alleged mistress Christine Ouzounian has been flaunting a new Lexus, and many have speculated that the actor is responsible for her new ride.

Affleck and Jennifer Garner's ex-nanny also spent about a week at the Hotel Bel-Air for about $1,000 a night. She reportedly had some pricey spa treatments too.

Despite what it looks like, sources close to the actor say Affleck is not responsible for her "lavish lifestyle," reports Perez Hilton. Affleck has neither purchased a convertible nor paid for Ouzounian's hotel.

The nanny also made news this week after a pho...

Did Ben Affleck Buy The Nanny A $40,000 Car?

8/12/2015 1:16pm EDT
Ben Affleck's Nanny Christine Ouzounian Flaunts Her New Lexus On
Ben Affleck is having a hard time shaking rumors that he had an affair with nanny Christine Ouzounian, particularly since she is reportedly staying at the Hotel Bel-Air on his dime and recently bragged about getting a Lexus on her private Instagram account.

The 28-year-old ex-caregiver flaunted her new Lexus convertible on the photo sharing website, writing, "Keep Calm and meet my new drop top Lexi." She included a smiley face emoji.

Entertainment Tonight somehow obtained the image and reports that the price of the car starts around $43,000.

Ouzounian was fired from her job as Affleck...

Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Divorce Fallout Continues – See Details

8/12/2015 1:09pm EDT
Jennifer Garner Fired Nanny After She Went To Las Vegas With Ben
Another day, another rumor on Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner.

Just about everyone knows that Affleck and Garner have filed for divorce, it'd be hard not to with the blogosphere's almost daily buzzing about the status of their relationship these last few months. There have been multiple reports on everything from what may have led to the break up to analysis on how each of them is holding up in the aftermath of the divorce announcement.

Now, the latest dish on this ongoing story is served courtesy of the New York Post. The paper is reporting that the final straw for Jennifer Garner may ha...

Ben & Jen Put Their Wedding Rings On Again

8/10/2015 8:40am EDT
Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck and his estranged wife Jennifer Garner were spotted in Atlanta, Ga., over the weekend wearing their wedding rings.

The actor, 42, was spotted at his wife's rental home on Friday, according to People. The following day the pair and their three children went to the movies together.

Garner reportedly stayed at a hotel while Affleck was in town to spend time with their children. They purportedly wore the rings as a united front for Violet, 9, Serpahina 6, and Samuel, 3.

Jen and Ben and the kids in happy times last May

While Garner reportedly wouldn't take calls from Affleck af...

Is Ben Affleck's Former Nanny Pregnant?!

8/6/2015 10:51am EDT
Ben Affleck
Is Christine Ouzounian pregnant?

Rumors that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's former nanny is pregnant with Ben's child after the two had a steamy love affair are clouding the internet this week.

According to Radar Online, Christine wanted to get pregnant with Ben's baby, and sources say that she spent a lot of time trying to seduce Ben because she wanted to have her own family with him. This, of course, was happening while she was helping him with his "real" family.

"Christine was planning to get pregnant by Ben — and was trying to seduce him! She wanted to be in the ‘family way’ real ...

Jennifer Garner Won't Return Ben Affleck's Calls

8/6/2015 8:29am EDT
Jennifer Garner Is So 'Disgusted' By Ben Affleck's Affair That S
Jennifer Garner is so "disgusted" with her estranged husband Ben Affleck that she won't return any of his phone calls.

After news surfaced that the actor had an affair with the couple's former nanny, 28-year-old Christine Ouzounian, Garner has refused to speak with him, according to Us. According to one source, "Discovering the extent of Ben’s relationship with Christine completely changed things."

An insider revealed: "She hasn’t been responding to his texts either. She refuses to speak to him about anything other than the kids and has shut him out."

The couple has three children: Viole...

Jennifer Garner 'Very Angry' Over Ben Affleck's Cheating Ways

8/5/2015 9:53am EDT
Ben Affleck Nanny Affair: Jennifer Garner 'Very Angry,' Feels Be
Jennifer Garner is reportedly "very angry" and feels betrayed by Ben Affleck's affair with their former nanny.

In June, the couple flew to the Bahamas to work on their relationship and determine what steps to take. A source told People, "It was game time. Ben had already told her he hadn't been committed to the marriage. They were trying to figure out what to do."

While on vacation, Garner reportedly learned that Affleck had been having an affair with their nanny, Christine Ouzounian, for several months. He has denied the allegations.

A friend revealed, "There was always a speck of doubt...

Ben Affleck's Nanny Is 'In Love' With Him

8/4/2015 6:18pm EDT
Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck and his former nanny may or may not have had a romantic relationship at one point in time, but sources now say that the two are no longer seeing each other. According to Star Magazine, a source overheard a conversation between former Garner-Affleck nanny Christine Ouzounian and one of her friends, and relayed what she supposedly heard to Star.

The 28-year-old was lounging poolside with a friend when she allegedly started talking about a guy, believed to be Ben.

"Christine was skimming through a number of articles about her and Ben on her phone, and she was even admiring photos...

What Divorce? Jennifer Garner Still Looks As Smiley As Ever

8/3/2015 8:09pm EDT
Jennifer Garner Smiles: Actress Smiles With Queen Latifah As Che
Jennifer Garner might be having a rough time lately, but she's not letting divorce drama drag her down- the actress was all smiles on the set of her latest movie.

According to Us Weekly, Jennifer's been in Atlanta for a few weeks now, shooting Miracles From Heaven with Queen Latifah. Photos snapped on set showed Jennifer, Queen and their young co-star Hannah Alligood in a car together, laughing and enjoying themselves. And in-between takes, too! Jennifer might be an actress, but she definitely wasn't faking her good mood on Sunday.

Jennifer Garner is all smiles on the set of her new mov...

Rumor Patrol: Did Ben Affleck’s Nanny Frame Him & More

8/1/2015 8:55am EDT
Rumor Patrol: Ben Affleck's Former Nanny Set Up Photo Op To Fram
You can't go one week without hearing a ridiculous story involving some of your favorite celebrities. Thankfully, the Starpulse Rumor Patrol is here to sort out what's real and what's fake.

Ben Affleck's Former Nanny Set Up Photo Op To Frame Actor: Reportedly, Jennifer Garner let go of the nanny she used for her children with Ben Affleck after she found out that the actor reportedly was more than friends with Christine Ouzounian. What Affleck didn't expect was Ouzounian framing him by asking photogs to take pics of the couple soon after his and Garner's split!

Verdict: Maybe. Gerner and...

Who Is Ben Affleck Dating Now?

7/29/2015 9:02am EDT
Ben Affleck's New Girlfriend: Actor Rumored To Be Dating Nanny W
Ben Affleck has reportedly moved on from his split with Jennifer Garner and found solace in the arms of his nanny, Christine Ouzounian. The Hollywood couple hired the 28-year-old caregiver in the spring to watch their three children.

According to Us Weekly, Ouzounian works for a high-end Beverly Hills nanny agency and started a relationship with Affleck while he and Garner were in the middle of their 10-month trial separation.

Ouzounian, a California native who graduated from Arizona State University with a communications degree, was babysitting Violet, 9, Seraphina, 6, and Samuel, 3, whe...

Why Are Ben & Jen Moving Into Brooke Shields' House?

7/23/2015 8:44pm EDT
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner may be divorcing, but they're still committed to sharing the same living space. And now, according to People, they'll be sharing a different one- the home of Brooke Shields!

It seems the former celeb couple are renovating their Los Angeles home, forcing them to relocate along with their three children, nine-year-old Violent, six-year-old Seraphina and three-year-old Samuel. Lucky for them, Brooke's house is close (within walking distance!) and she's more than happy to lend them the space.

"They are going through extreme renovations and it's almost unlivable...

Ben Affleck Made Surprise Appearance At ESPYs, Was Wearing His Wedding Ring

7/16/2015 10:44am EDT
Ben Affleck Reveals Who 'Broke His Heart' While Presenting At ES
Ben Affleck made a surprise appearance at the ESPY Awards to present former New York Yankee Derek Jeter with the Icon Award.

And yes, he was wearing his wedding ring.

Affleck, a longtime Boston fan, seemed like an unlikely choice to make the presentation. Still, the actor, who recently announced his separation from Jennifer Garner after 10 years of marriage, was unflappable as he feted Jeter for his accomplishments.

"If you're from Boston you always wanted to hate our next honoree," said Affleck.

"There was something about him that made the boos ring a little hollow," he continued. "May...

Who Made Ben Affleck's List Of 'Other Women?'

7/10/2015 7:01pm EDT
Ben Affleck Divorce Update: Reportedly, Names Of Other Women Eme
Was Ben Affleck a rolling stone, and wherever he laid his hat was his home? According to a new report by well a known tabloid, the answer is an unequivocal "yes."

In the wake of Ben and Jennifer 's divorce, many fans, strangers, haters, and critics have all wondered why "Bennifer" ended their 10-year marriage. Allegedly, super secret sources to the National Enquirer believe they know why: Ben Affleck cheated on Jenn and had a bevy of babes.

Unnamed sources say Ben was a chronic flirt and had affairs with a bevy of "other women" such as Blake Lively, Emily Ratajkowski, and Anna Kendrick, t...

Why Is Ben Affleck In Georgia With Jennifer Garner?

7/9/2015 10:33am EDT
Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck is reportedly staying at his estranged wife Jennifer Garner's guest house while she's filming in Atlanta, Ga. Garner is currently renting a home while working on "Miracles From Heaven," according to People.

The couple announced their plans to divorce last week, but they can't seem to stay away from one another.

The pair spent a week in the Bahamas with their three children following the break-up announcement and are reportedly still residing together at their Pacific Palisades home in California.

Affleck's visit to Georgia is raising questions about the state of their marriag...

Did Ben Affleck Cheat On Jennifer Garner?

7/9/2015 2:42am EDT
Affleck Cheating: Did Ben Affleck Cheat On Jennifer Garner?
Did Ben Affleck cheat on Jennifer Garner? According to Us Weekly… yes, he did. A new report published by the magazine claims that Ben was engaged in all kinds of shady behavior before his very public divorce, and that it's those vices that caused Bennifer's untimely end.

Multiple sources for the magazine say that Ben was "partying" "gambling" and engaging in "inappropriate behavior with other women," and even that he "admitted to cheating" with an actress playing his love interest in a previous film (now's the time to start scouring IMDB for past co-stars…). Apparently, Jennifer kicked him...

Is Ben Affleck Going Back To JLo?

7/8/2015 5:15am EDT
Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez rumors are heating up just one week after he and his wife, Jennifer Garner, announced their plans to divorce. There have been multiple reports suggesting that the former lovers have been in touch this year after bumping into each other at the Oscar's. Now, reports indicate that JLo was just waiting for Ben to break things off with his wife, and that she is ready to give their relationship another try.

According to the National Enquirer, Lopez has been patiently waiting for Affleck and Garner to split because she didn't want to be called a "home wrecker."


Did Ben Leave Jen For 'Suicide Squad' Co-Star Margot Robbie?

7/6/2015 10:54am EDT
Ben Affleck & Margot Robbie Rumors Amp Up: Actor's Rep Denies He
In the wake of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's divorce, rumors have started circulating that the actor has developed "serious feelings" for his "Suicide Squad" co-star Margot Robbie.

Woman's Day reported that the pair has grown close on the set of their upcoming film and are becoming more than just friends.

A source claims: "Ben has had the hots for Margot ever since he saw her in The Wolf of Wall Street. As far as Ben is concerned, Margot is the sexiest woman in Hollywood right now."

However, a source refuted the rumors and told Daily Mail Australia that Affleck, 42, has "barely spent...

Rumor Patrol: New Theory Emerges On Ben And Jen's Breakup And More

7/4/2015 10:00am EDT
Rumor Patrol: Josh Duggar Sued By Victim, Ben Affleck's '50s Mar
You can't go one week without hearing a ridiculous story involving some of your favorite celebrities. Thankfully, the Starpulse Rumor Patrol is here to sort out what's real and what's fake.

Josh Duggar Sued By Non-Family Victim: The "19 Kids and Counting" star is reportedly being sued by the fifth victim of his molestation scandal, the only non-family member Duggar inappropriately touched. But, will the reality star have to take the stand in his own defense years after the alleged abuse?

Verdict: True! According to a new story published by InTouch Magazine, Duggar, along with his parent...

What Really Went Wrong Between Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner?

7/2/2015 2:05pm EDT
Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez Stayed In Touch Prior To Actor's Sp
Ben Affleck reportedly stayed in touch with his ex-girlfriend Jennifer Lopez in the months leading up to his break up with Jennifer Garner, and that relationship reportedly contributed to collapse of his marriage.

The Sun reports that the actor's continued friendship with the singer was one of the factors that caused a rift in his marriage. Affleck and Lopez dated for 18 months until 2004 before breaking off their engagement. They recently became in contact again.

An insider revealed: "Everyone is talking about J-Lo and Ben and saying it’s inevitable they will get together again at some p...

Jen And Ben Are Divorcing, But They're Still Doing This...

7/1/2015 10:36am EDT
Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck Continue To Live Together While Go
Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are getting divorced, but they are still living together. A source tells People the estranged couple are still cohabitating at their Pacific Palisades home in California.

"This should not be an ugly divorce," the insider revealed. "They plan on co-parenting and doing absolutely everything in the best interest of the kids."

The actors, who have been privately separated for a few months, said in a statement on Tuesday: "After much thought and careful consideration, we have made the difficult decision to divorce. We go forward with love and friendship for one...

It's Official: Ben Affleck And Jennifer Garner Are Divorcing

6/30/2015 7:51pm EDT
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are officially divorcing. Just hours after we reported that the couple's split was "imminent" here at Starpulse, it's been confirmed by People that the actors are divorcing.

"After much thought and careful consideration, we have made the difficult decision to divorce," Ben and Jennifer explained in a joint statement. "We go forward with love and friendship for one another and a commitment to co-parenting our children whose privacy we ask to be respected during this difficult time. This will be our only comment on this private, family matter. Thank you for un...

Ben Affleck Split 'Imminent'

6/30/2015 2:27pm EDT
Ben and Jen
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner split rumors just won't go away. According to Fox 411, sources say that the two actors have just about given up on their 10-year marriage, and have been living separately for months now. While Jen took some time to focus on her family, she is reportedly ready to get back to work, and it sounds like she is planning to do so without a husband by her side.

"They have been living apart for several months," said a source. "Jen is excited to get back to work. She took a step back to focus on her marriage and family but wants to return to making more movies," the s...

Is Ben Affleck Getting A Divorce?

6/18/2015 2:59pm EDT
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner
Is Ben Affleck getting a divorce?

Although there have been several reports suggesting that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are ready to throw in the towel, sources close to the couple say that they two aren't headed for an "imminent split." According to Entertainment Tonight, Ben and Jennifer are looking forward to spending the summer together with their three children.

A recent outing seems to prove that things are okay between the two, who will be celebrating their 10-year wedding anniversary on June 29.

"A makeup-free Jennifer, 43, was spotted all smiles at the farmers' market in Paci...

New 'Suicide Squad' Joker Photos Are Absolutely Terrifying

6/11/2015 4:30pm EDT
Jared Leto
New set photos from "Suicide Squad" have just hit the internet, and they make Jared Leto's Joker look even more terrifying than ever. In the photos, Leto's looking right into the camera- his smoldering stare, plus the eyeshadow, gold teeth, pale skin and menacing tattoos makes this Joker look positively revolting.

Leto was spotted wearing a heavy black cloak- clearly, the "Dallas Buyer's Club" Oscar winner was trying to hide his costume. But given the white collared shirt and purple bow tie, it looks like he's wearing a very comic-appropriate purple suit. Just like the Joker should.


What Will 'Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice' Be About?

6/9/2015 3:10pm EDT
Official Plot Summary For 'Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice' R
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice officially has a plot summary.

Warner Bros. Pictures released the short synopsis for the film on Tuesday, revealing the motivation behind having the Caped Crusader take on Krypton's favorite son.

So what will the movie be about? Well, for starters it'll probably be about two-and-a-half hours long. Here's the rundown for those who didn't get this from the first trailer that was released back in April:

Fearing the actions of a god-like super hero left unchecked, Gotham City’s own formidable, forceful vigilante takes on Metropolis’s most revered, modern-...

Check Out Batman's Latest Ride

6/8/2015 6:38pm EDT
Check Out This New Photo Of The Batmobile From 'Batman Vs. Super
When it comes to comic book heroes at the box office, Marvel has been cleaning up for the last several years thanks to the Avengers and their friends. D.C. comic fans have been waiting impatiently for Batman vs. Superman, the first Avengers-style mash-up of superheroes from the D.C. playbook. Fans know Ben Affleck is Batman and that Henry Cavill is reprising his role as Superman from Man of Steel, but there otherwise hasn't been a ton of news regarding the 2016 flick.

Which is what makes the following photo so special. Fans already caught a glimpse of the Batmobile from the film on directo...