After a handful of 90210 episodes where they tried to play nice, Kelly and Brenda seemed determined to return to their old feud. Kelly's catty ways came right after she made an awkward speech about girlfriends being plants and boys being fresh flowers. When Annie and Naomi, who are still fighting, looked at her with annoyance, you couldn't help but think they were just trying to hide their own confusion. Another serving of the Brenda and Kelly frenemy business made suffering through Annie and Naomi's ongoing fight less painful. Annie and Naomi continued call each other names instead of dealing with their sibling, and Dixon finally got mad about the whole secret brother thing.

The episode kicked off with Annie and Naomi introducing themselves to their half-brother Sean, who had the kind of bad southern accent and good intentions that could only mean a secret agenda. Annie's dad Harry went out of his way to welcome his new son and treated Dixon awful in the process. Dixon met a new girl in his angst-y son mode, and I'm waiting with anticipation for him to do something completely high school and cheat on his supportive girlfriend. Dixon then went on to try and sabotage the lacrosse game while his father still didn't get what the problem was. Proving that Annie and Dixon are more selfless than most teens, Dixon had a locker room heart to heart with his dad and returned to win the game. Dixon continued to indulge in Brandon Walsh behavior when he extended an invite to his new bro Sean to come with the team after the game.

When Naomi wasn't picking fights with Annie she was looking for a new group of girls to eat lunch with. It seemed a little strange that her BFF Adrianna was so uninterested in sticking by her friend, but it gave Naomi the chance to have to suck up to a group of older girls. Naomi's new friends treated her like a personal assistant, but the weirdest thing was how willing she was to deal with it. She even stopped playing mind games with her crush to trade a favor for a table at the restaurant he worked at. Silver and Adrianna didn't have much to do, other than reacting to Annie's monologues. Now that Silver's no longer the angry loner, she's turned into a Wilson sidekick/girlfriend. Adrianna kept getting sick, which in teen television means an upcoming pregnancy scare or secret illness.

Annie continuously goaded Naomi on until Ethan pointed it out to her. Annie recognized that she was turning into a Naomi-bot and losing the Disney heroine qualities she'd had in Kansas. To redeem herself to, well, herself, she stood in for the mascot. This wouldn't have been nearly as strange, if Naomi's new guy hadn't dared her to kiss the mascot. I wanted to think he was trying to get the girls to get past their fighting ways, but that may be giving him too much credit. Naomi's new friends started to make fun of her for kissing the mascot until she finally stood up to them. As for Annie and Ethan, they kissed and made up once she started to act like herself again.

Kelly and Brenda had lunch after Brenda gave a full effort not to. So when Brenda acted like she didn't want to be friends at lunch, Kelly dismissed her, and their regression back to high school was complete. Kelly managed to be a grownup long enough to show up when Brenda landed in the hospital. She even handled Brenda's "I slept with Ryan" moment fairly decent, leaving instead of scratching Brenda's eyes out.

The episode ended on a scene that was too big a rip-off of The O.C., with new brother Sean being welcomed into the Wilson household. Sean hopped on his phone and told someone that he was settling right in, which is exactly why you don't let people you just met sleep in your home. It looks like we're going to have to wait a little while for Sean's secret and the fallout for Brenda telling Kelly about Ryan. Thanks to an early season start date, 90210 starts its holiday break from new episodes now.

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Story by Lauren Attaway

Starpulse contributing writer