This week meant Spring Break for the kids of 90210. Naomi, Ethan and Liam head off to build houses with Teacher Ryan. Silver and her sister Kelly stay in Beverly Hills and get a visit from the original 90210 cast member Donna. Siblings Dixon and Annie are off to Phoenix for different reasons. Adrianna and Navid don't get the benefit of a Spring Break episode storyline, but her pregnancy probably keeps them both in Beverly Hills for break.

Naomi makes fun of Ethan for signing up for Ryan's class trip until she sees that Liam's name on the list. Naomi quickly adds her own name but Liam is less than thrilled. On the trip, Naomi tries to talk to Liam but he mocks her and walks off. Naomi annoys Ethan until he agrees to ask Liam about her. Liam assumes Ethan is doing the jealous ex-boyfriend thing and tells him no to got into a road rage. Offended, Ethan tells Naomi Liam's a jerk. Naomi agrees but still wants to know if he likes her.

Naomi is pulling tree branches off for kindling and Liam takes another opportunity to make fun of her. They quickly go from talking to kissing to undressing. Later, Naomi tells Ethan she and Liam did it in the woods. She wants to go into more detail but Ethan doesn't want to hear it. Ethan asks Teacher Ryan if they're going to explore the area and Ryan shoots him down. He tells Ethan he did learn something, he learned he didn't like hammering.

Ethan blackmails Liam into sharing peyote with him. Ethan takes the peyote while Liam talks him through it. Ethan sees a coyote and then a frowning face. Ethan talks about how now realizes that he only does the things he does because it's what others expect from him. They want a good guy and he acts accordingly. Liam falls and then admits that Ethan's peyote experience was a fake. Liam couldn't get any peyote so he gave Ethan a lot of beer and some herbal tea. Ethan helps him up and then knocks him back down. Liam tells Ethan he still had a revelation and shows a scar left over from his own bad drug trip. Liam later tells Naomi he's giving Ethan a ride home. He promises he'll give her an entirely different kind of ride later.

Silver and Dixon talk Spring Break plans until Kelly interrupts. Silver gets increasingly irritated with Kelly's attempts to provide structure but Donna arrives before the two can start to really argue. Donna's visiting from Japan and she's willing to talk about her clothing business and baby daughter but avoids discussing how things are with her husband David.

Donna and Kelly run into Diablo Cody and Donna doesn't recognize her. Diablo likes Donna's original dress and Kelly volunteers Donna to make a dress for some premiere. When they tell Silver, Donna tries to ask her to be her assistant but Kelly thinks it's too soon. Silver is furious and Donna tries to tell her to see Kelly's side. Donna is still fixing Diablo's dress up to the last minute and winds up on the red carpet. Kelly and Silver watch at home and they finally agree to compromise, with Kelly being less strict and Silver recognizing her limitations. Donna brings Diablo Cody home to meet Silver. Donna tells Kelly she's thinking of opening a store in LA and that her and David are separated.

Annie tells Dixon she's sad that her and Ethan won't be spending Spring Break together so Dixon suggests a brother-sister trip to Arizona. All they have to do is tell their parents they're in Palm Springs and it's off to water parks. Of course Annie has a secret love for water parks and Dixon has a secret reason for this trip. On the way to Arizona, Dixon and Annie give Dr. Pepper enough product placements to account for the entire season. There are shots of a cooler full of Dr. Pepper and the name is even mentioned as directly responsible for Annie's frequent bathroom stops. In Arizona, Dixon finally admits that he wanted to go to Arizona to visit his birth mom. He wants to apologize for choosing to be adopted instead of living with his mother.

Annie and Dixon go to see his mom but Dixon can't get out the car. Annie goes to his mom and introduces herself as Dixon's sister. She tells his mom Dixon's sorry for being adopted and his mom explains it was her decision for him to be adopted in the first place. She tells Annie that Dixon dragged around a girl doll named Mango and pretended it was his sister when he was little. Brother and sister happily head back to Beverly Hills with no more Dr. Pepper references needed.

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Story by Lauren Attaway

Starpulse contributing writer