On 90210 last week, Silver went from being in love with Dixon to blaming Teacher Ryan for all of her relationship problems. Still at Ryan's apartment, Silver tells Ryan she wants him to explain to Dixon that this is really all Ryan's fault. Ryan smartly continues to agree with her and suggest they call Kelly. Silver agrees and he leaves her alone to get a Band-Aid, long enough for her to sneak out.

Annie and Ethan are still breaking up when Annie's mom calls to update her on what's going on with Silver. Ethan drives Annie home. Dixon starts to explain what's been going on with Silver to his parents while Ryan and Kelly have a similar conversation. Dixon's parents and Ryan are both convinced it's drugs, but Dixon doesn't think so.

Dixon's dad/Principal Harry begins to organize the search party. He pairs Ryan and Kelly and suggests Ethan ride with Annie. He then leaves Navid and Adrianna in charge of watching Kelly's son Sammy. Harry's teams of two are his worst idea of the episode, because it's clear that they'll be too focused on their own histories to be useful.

Dixon's parents try to talk to him about having sex and he admits to having sex but that's as much as he wants to talk about it. While everyone frantically searches for Silver, she calls Dixon. Dixon quickly tires of her rambling and hangs up on her. Dixon is playing videogames when his parents come back home. Not only did he turn off his phone, he tells them he has no interest in the Silver drama anymore. This starts his mother in on her latest breakdown about what moving to Beverly Hills has done to her children.

Kelly and Ryan's efforts to find Silver are more about their dating history and blame shifting than Silver. Kelly suggests they try her mother's house. Kelly's mom is pretending to be childless on a date and has no clue where Silver is. She rubs it in that Kelly can't do any better with Silver than she did. The police call to tell Kelly that they found Silver's abandoned car. Ryan tries to reassure Kelly she's a way better parent to Silver than the girls' mom.

Adrianna and Navid struggle to take care of Sammy and Adrianna admits that she thinks adoption is the only option she has. Adrianna and Navid curl up on their guidance counselor's couch-weird-and luckily Sam wakes up again. They manage to lure him back to sleep with a story that Adrianna reads and Navid sort of enjoys more than their babysitting charge.

Annie, Ethan and Naomi are at the school looking for Silver. Annie wants to keep Naomi from finding out about her breakup with Ethan. The two girls bond over Silver and Annie finally apologizes to Naomi and admits she broke up with Ethan. Naomi offers to drive Naomi home and the girls are all made up.

Silver is at the train station, trying to explain to a stranger in line behind her that she has to go to Kansas to understand Dixon better. She falls asleep waiting for the train and the guy takes her bag from her. He calls Dixon's phone and tells Dixon's parents where Silver is. Silver wakes up and freaks out because she missed her train. She runs onto the tracks just in time for Dixon and his parents to show up.

Dixon tries to talk to Silver and she runs towards an approaching train. The train misses her and Dixon finally reaches out to her. He explains that he knows what Silver's going through with the up and downs because his mom went through the same thing. Dixon tells Silver he'll help her get help. Kelly shows up at the train station and the sisters embrace. Dixon tells his parents that he thinks Silver is bipolar, like his biological mom, and now his parents and the audience understand why he reacted the way he did.

Dixon and Kelly take Silver to the hospital. Kelly and Ryan apologize, or he grovels and she agrees to try and be friends with him again. Dixon's parents talk and agree they want to stay in Beverly Hills. Annie and Dixon talk about how he handled things with Silver, and then the family sits down for a breakfast of French toast.

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Story by Lauren Attaway

Starpulse contributing writer