Every time I see the opening shots of 90210 show, I have to remind myself that I'm not watching The Hills. The show starts off with a new girl entering teacher Ryan's class, and luckily she's a bitch. With Naomi getting more and more human by the episode, it's nice to see a girl who's not trying to make friends with everyone. The new girl even hits on teacher Ryan. Since the two of them combined look older than the rest of the class, it makes perfect sense to me.

Elsewhere, Annie and Ethan get the school health project that provides you with one of those obnoxious fake babies that cry and have to be taken care of. It's clearly just an opportunity to throw the two together because having friends in common was only going to get them so far. They are both terrible teen parents, whether it's Annie leaving the baby under a pair of jeans, or Ethan and Dixon playing catch with it. Annie and Ethan continue to use the baby as a hookup device, almost sharing a kiss before they're interrupted.

Silver and Dixon are using boyfriend/girlfriend terms now, and she wants him to share her interests. She invites him over and shows him what she's done to Kelly's walls. Shouldn't the stereotypically artistic girl know black paint does not cover easily? I can't wait for Kelly to see her little sister's work. Silver sets up a scary movie marathon just as Dixon thinks they're going to take advantage of her house sitting privileges. Their movie marathon ends when he sleeps through a Rob Zombie movie and has to run home for curfew. At Silver's half birthday party, they continue to try and get to know each other better as he confesses he listens to The Ramones because he knows she's a fan.

Teacher Ryan is on the rebound, or at least he's trying to convince Silver with the hopes that she passes it on to Kelly. He goes on a date with a girl he met on the Internet and tries to rebuff the new girl in his class. She's grossed out by the idea of dating her teacher to the point that's it's easy to feel bad for him. Ryan continues to act age-challenged as he bounces from giving detentions to arguing with the principal about drug busts on campus. Teacher Ryan's mad enough about the drug bust to make you wonder what he's holding in his classroom.

While we're on the subject of drugs, the preview for this episode made it look like it would be all about Adrianna's downward spiral on her way to rehab, but Naomi managed to take her friend's problem and involve herself way too deeply. Naomi kept trying to be buddy-buddy to Adrianna, going as far as taking the fall for Adrianna's cocaine. Naomi's parents didn't believe that the drugs weren't hers. They think she's acting out about the divorce. Adrianna promises to tell the truth and help Naomi out but never shows up. Naomi gets justifiably angry with Adrianna for not coming clean, but Adrianna's too busy overdosing on a floor somewhere to be of use to anyone.

The big twist isn't that Adrianna overdoses, it's that the show has finally cast someone that looks to be too old for high school for a reason. The new bitchy girl that keeps hitting on teacher Ryan is actually an undercover cop.

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Story by Lauren Attaway

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