After two weeks between this episode and the one that left Ethan in a car accident, 90210 returned and Ethan was just fine. The rest of the episode had several potentially interesting story developments, but as usual the episode was all about setup. Annie and Ethan moved in the direction of breaking up just as Silver and Dixon reunited. Adrianna was the only character that seemed to be experiencing any real change this episode.

Thanks to Naomi, Adrianna told Ty at the cast party. It turns out Naomi is annoying whether she's being a friend or a throwing insults. But back to Adrianna and Ty. Ty cried when he learned it was to late to abort their mistake and Adrianna left the party with Naomi. Naomi tried to get Adrianna to tell her mom next, but her mom proved how money-hungry she was again when she blew off Adrianna's lead in the play and got mad at her for blowing a national toothpaste commercial audition.

Back at School, Ty apologized for freaking out and explained he'd told his parents and they had a plan. As soon as he told her they were in the situation together, I started waiting for him to turn into a normal teenage guy again.

Navid and Dixon decided to find new girls to date, but it was a little hard to feel sympathetic to them when they'd both just dumped their respective girlfriends. Christina the bisexual cheerleader offered to help them at a party and I was impressed. She's doing the friend thing to keep Dixon close by.

Even though Ethan was okay, the girl in the other car -Rhonda- had to have surgery. Ethan managed to get in a heartfelt apology before blowing it when he didn't realize they had French class together. She treated him like a dumb jock and he immediately wanted to prove otherwise.

He picked a fight with Annie and began spending time talking about life with his new deep friend Rhonda. Rhonda turned out to be faking how hurt she was. Everyone on this show is always hiding an ulterior motive so that was no surprise.

Ty introduced Adrianna to his parents and his mom Wheezy had a plan, complete with a doctor, New Mexico hideout and confidentiality agreement. Naomi advised Adrianna to read the fine print and Adrianna called Ty. Wheezy showed up at her house and met her mother. Adrianna's mother didn't flinch at the baby news immediately and stood up for her daughter. Adrianna's mom admitted to being a really bad mother. She promised that mom and daughter were in this together.

Annie spent the episode focusing on her acting when she should have been trying to meet Rhonda, the girl Ethan was spending so much time with.
With Christina's help, Navid met a new girl that seemed like a perfect fit. Silver spent the episode looking for Dixon only to find him with Christina. Silver made a scene, Dixon followed her out and they finally exchanged I love yous.

After Adrianna stopped doing what he wanted, Ty questioned the baby's paternity. Since she only figured it out last episode, I had a hard time understanding why she was so offended. Adrianna sought out Navid and he helped her broadcast her pregnancy across the school's video system. She won me over when she took the high road and said her baby was immaculately conceived. Next Week is Valentine's Day and I'm thinking Ethan's going to bail on Annie for Rhonda while Silver loses her virginity to Dixon. The majority of these characters are at their best when they're fighting with each other, so maybe we'll get some more petty holiday-inspired arguments.

90210 Stars: Jessica Stroup / Ryan Eggold / Annalynne McCord / Jennie Garth / Rob Estes / Lori Loughlin / Dustin Milligan / Tristan Wilds / Shenae Grimes / more

Story by Lauren Attaway

Starpulse contributing writer