While many of us were watching the election, 90210's "Secrets and Lies" episode was filled with plenty of revelations. Teacher Ryan got caught with his undercover cop hookup by another one of his students. As a result, he's on leave of absence. Annie ran up her parent's credit card and got drunk after learning about her father's lovechild. Naomi saw Annie and Ethan making out. Navid finally has a girlfriend, after Adrianna decided she wants to date him.

This week's 90210 hour was another episode that revolved around Annie, but Naomi did her best to make sure she wasn't overshadowed. Naomi returned to the bitchy nature she displayed at the beginning of the season when she decided to ruin Annie's birthday. She played like she didn't know about Annie and Ethan, and stole Annie's ex boyfriend's number out of her cell. Naomi then invited the ex Jason to Annie's sweet sixteen party. She made sure he saw Annie and Ethan kissing and then made out with him in Annie's room. When Annie tried to yell at her about it, Naomi hinted at her anger towards her parents being the real problem. The girls' fight came to a halt when their parents' lovechild showed up.

Teacher Ryan made school news this week when a student sent out a mass text about his so-called hookup with the cop. Perfect timing, because it happened to be on Kelly's first day back from her visit with Dylan. Kelly told Silver that her visit didn't end well, and then asked where Ryan was. Apparently Kelly was ready to pick up where they left off, until she found out that Ryan might be a scumbag. Still wanting to see the best in him, Kelly even tried to confront cop Kimberly. After a tribute to 21 Jump Street, Kelly ran right over to Ryan's when she heard he was innocent. She got to his house in time to see him on his way out of town and about two minutes before Kimberly showed up.

On the next episode of 90210 Brenda returns. She tells Kelly that she slept with Ryan, and the Brenda/Kelly/Whomever love triangle continues.

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Story by Lauren Attaway

Starpulse contributing writer