Back when these TV characters were some of the nerdiest guys and gals on air, didn't you feel like you would NEVER date any of them? Well have you taken a gander at them lately? These wallflowers are suddenly the life of the party and maybe, just maybe, they'd give you time of day (if you asked nicely of course!) Here are the nerdiest group of the 90's. How many of these shows did you watch? Would you date them now?

Jaleel White (Steve Urkel, "Family Matters")

If there was one guy you would not want knocking on your door at any time of the day or night, it was Steve Urkel! Steve was so annoying, so desperate for attention, that he would do anything to get it even putting himself in harm's way. While the object of his affection was his next-door neighbor Laura, even she wouldn't give him the time of day with his oversized glasses, suspenders and pants way up to his armpits. Urkel devised the ultimate plan to win Laura's heart: transforming his DNA using a serum he dubbed "Cool Juice" to suppress his "nerd" genes and bring out his "cool" genes. This resulted in the alter ego known as Stefan Urquelle. Today Jaleel White has transformed into a suave and charismatic man, who recently performed on "Dancing with the Stars."