Season two of Suits elevated the USA legal drama from guilty pleasure to one of the best written shows on television thanks to its focus on internal struggles, as opposed to outside forces.

Now, in season three, the show looks to tackle both at the same time, as internal problems are caused by, instigated by and pushed forward by an outside force—with a British accent.

We’ve seen the season premiere and here are nine teases for tonight’s first new episode in a few months:

1. Two days have passed since the last episode.

2. Someone contemplates quitting the firm, while someone else wants to get fired.

3. Harvey hasn't forgiven Mike or Jessica.

4. Mike is rewarded by Jessica for what he did to Harvey.

5. Harvey and Mike both make strong cases to the girls they care about for reasons why they should be together.

6. A bedroom scene between a couple evokes memories of a similar scene from Days of Thunder with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman.

7. Harvey isn't the only one who feels betrayed by Mike for what he did last season.

8. Mike is willing to do almost anything to get Harvey to forgive him.

9. Jessica has a new enemy by the end of the episode.

Suits season three premiere entitled “The Arrangement” premieres tonight at 10 pm ET on USA.