2. "The Jeffersons"

(Spun off from "All in the Family")

"All in the Family" not only spun off "The Jeffersons", but "Maude", "704 Hauser," "Gloria" and "Archie Bunker's Place" as well. Still, it was the charisma of minor character of George Jefferson, brilliantly played by Sherman Helmsley, that led producer Norman Lear to cash in on his popularity and spin an entire series off the character. In "The Jeffersons", George, his wife Louise and son Lionel moved from a working-class section of Queens, New York to Manhattan, where George's dry cleaning business was expanding.

"The Jeffersons" discussed topics such as  including racism, suicide, gun control and adult illiteracy and died a sudden death, with cast members finding out the show had been cancelled by reading it in the newspaper.

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