Thursday night marked the most intense episode of the Big Brother season, as CBS crammed in an eviction, Head of Household competition, Veto competition, and yet another eviction into its one hour timeslot. With the “master manipulator” Matt on the block against his fellow Brigade member Enzo, the show started off with a brief recap on the week’s previous events. In his search to figure out why Ragan was giving him the silent treatment, it finally dawned upon Matt that Britney must have told Regan what he was up to. In a last effort to stay alive in the game, Matt attempted to turn the house on Ragan and vote him out, essentially throwing his best friend under the bus, in a move that did not sit well with the rest of the cast. Britney and the rest of the house didn’t agree with Matt’s strategy and placed him on the block as a replacement nominee on Wednesday’s episode. In a unanimous vote, Matt was ushered out of the Big Brother house, knowing that his decision to throw Sunday’s Head of Household competition cost him a potential spot in the finals. Matt had the drive and strategy to win the whole thing, but his decision to throw Sunday’s competition resulted in his earlier-than-expected exit.

Host Julie Chen ushered the houseguests outside for the HOH competition, which had the contestants wildly digging for names. The contestants had to know which two houseguests have won HOH twice, and then find the names which were buried in a pit filled with Styrofoam. Brendon brought his game, as he was diving and sprinting all over the place, but Hayden finished the mission quicker, and become the new Head of Household. Hayden had basically a commercial break to decide who to put on the block, and he chose Brendon, as a supposed pawn, and Ragan, the intended target.

The Veto competition was a mental challenge instead of a physical one, which suited Ragan the best, as Julie named an event that has occurred during the summer, and then named a second event. The contestants had to choose whether the first event came before or after the second event, and Enzo made another quick competition exit. Ragan outlasted the rest of the houseguests and won the Veto, ensuring his safety for another week. This placed Hayden in the position to name a replacement, and he put up the underrated star of the summer, Britney.

Before the quick vote, Brendon and Britney had the chance to fight to stay in the Big Brother house, and Brendon showed that he is in fact a classy and somewhat funny guy. It would have been interesting to see where Brendon would have ended up if Rachel never existed, as he was an extremely strong competitor and much more likeable after she was evicted from the house a few weeks ago. In the second unanimous vote of the night, Brendon was evicted and sent straight to the Jury House.

Britney, Lane, Enzo, Ragan, and Hayden are the final five remaining, and Big Brother is heating up as the summer season comes to a close.