Not Your Daddy’s Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger began as a radio show in 1933 before heading to a series of books and eventually finding its way to television. The television show aired on ABC from 1949 to 1957 and was a bona fide hit for its network. At the time, the Western was king and The Lone Ranger a proud member of its court. The Lone Ranger helped to define the television Western and was a precursor to Bonanza, Maverick, The Virginian, and countless others. Flanked by his trusted sidekick Tonto and loyal house Silver, the character is a pillar of Americana. Shrouded in mystery and standing for justice and truth, he was a bastion of strength and doing the right thing; a man’s man with a strong moral compass.

The new Lone Ranger isn’t exactly the same. At the beginning of the film he is not even a Texas Ranger, rather a lawyer. He is more brains than brawn and just a bit cowardly. He of course is deputized by his brother Dan, Captain of the Rangers, but perhaps only out of necessity to accurately hold his future title. He is kind of a wimp and the butt of numerous jokes. This time around we are supposed to be learning about how John Reid (they at least kept the names straight) eventually became the Lone Ranger, but for those fans of the original be forewarned that he doesn’t start out so great.

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