We’ve gotten a look at tonight’s new episode of American Horror Story: Asylum. Here are eight teases to get you excited for the show’s first new episode of 2013 called “The Name Game”:

1. Grace has a protector. And it’s not who you would expect given the fact that they can speak.

2. Yet another person – besides Grace – who you thought was dead… isn’t.

3. Much to Lana’s horror, someone gets a full-time position at Briarcliff.

4. Someone loses their virginity.

5. There’s a musical interlude at one point that informs the name of the episode.

6. The Black Angel of Death visits someone else.

7. A father and son meet for the first time. And someone wants to get married.

8. Dr. Arden gives up.

American Horror Story: Asylum “The Name Game” airs tonight on FX at 10 pm ET.