To be clear, we abhor the countless seemingly arbitrary lists of "scary" films that have littered the internet and many a magazine. If you are tired of trying to search these lists looking for films that don't have Halloween or 13th in the title, you will appreciate our list. Horror films, for the most part, are supposed to move the audience. They are not created for awards shows, and typically the ones that haunt us are the ones which are considered to be "bad" films. The most obvious issue with these previous lists it that they do not give an accurate explanation of how they define the concept of "scary". The concept of fear is a simple term; however individuals personally interpret it differently. We are still terrified of 'Jaws' but others are able to enjoy the film without a crippling abject fear of open bodies of water.

Seven Psychological Slow-Boilers

These films are tricky bastards. The narratives are somewhat slow and coax you into a feeling of cocky safety. During the film you sit there, thinking that the films were labeled incorrectly-no way could they be horror films. And then, whether it is later in the film, the night after you watch it, or even a few days later, you start second guessing yourself. This is when the fear takes residence and you find yourself unable to go out alone at night. If you are looking for good pairings, watch 'Martin' followed by 'The Hamiltons'; 'Session 9' then 'Paranormal Activity'; and 'The Strangers' followed by 'Funny Games'. Considering just listening to Kathy Bates read the audio book scares even the book's creator, Stephen King, 'Misery' can easily stand alone.

Bang-You-Over-the-Head-With-a-Rusty-Pick-Axe Terrifying

Excuse us as we shudder at the thought of the following films. Sure, most of these films deal will inbred hill people and/or cannibals, but it is because they teeter on the edge of the reality that we are terrified. Vampires, zombies, and werewolves have nothing over these characters. Sure, some of the above films deal with events that could occur in reality, but these films below cause immediate physical reactions when you watch them. Also, as you can see, the 1970s and the early 1980s was the peak of visceral horror and is widely considered to be the classical period for the horror genre as a whole.

Films That Scared Us Growing Up

These films will bring back horrific yet nostalgic feelings for many of you-or at least they did for us. Most of these films are not terrifying to us now, but definitely were the first time we saw them!

Give us some of your favorite scary films!

Story by Sarah Lafferty
Starpulse contributing writer

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