7 Ridiculous Movies That Are Crazier Than 'Sharknado'


Sharknado took Twitter by storm last August and has given the SyFy network an unexpected ongoing franchise. The latest installment hits the U.S. July 30 with Sharknado 2: The Second One. Yes, that's really the subtitle.

What's really amazing about Sharknado, even to SyFy executives, is that there have been countless other intentionally awful movies that mix monsters with disasters but Sharknado was the first to become a global phenomenon. If you're looking for a fix of the ridiculous, here are some of our favorite monster mashups.

Anonymous Rex

This 2004 film imagines a world where dinosaurs faked their own extinction millions of years ago and have in fact been walking among us in disguise ever since. The movie's heroes must uncover a plot by one dinosaur to start a revolution that will encourage the dinosaurs to stop hiding and rule the world once more. 

Most Ridiculous: Faye Dunaway is in this movie. Faye Dunaway, who you may recall is an Academy Award winning actress, is in a movie where she is the leader of a secret dinosaur population. Guess those paychecks have dried up in the decades since Network.


The Navy's genetic experiment to create a hybrid shark octopus that it can use as a weapon falls apart when the creature escapes and creates havoc for many young ladies wearing skimpy bikinis off the coast of California.

Most Ridiculous: The movie stars Eric Roberts, who was in The Dark Knight. Oh, and there's that part where a woman gets eaten by the Sharktopus in mid-bungee jump. 

Mega Python vs. Gatoroid

So let's see, if your land was overrun by ridiculously large snakes, how would you handle it? This movie starrting Debbie Gibson and Tiffany of 80s music fame takes care of the problem by feeding steroid infused chickens to the local gator population, so they can grow in size and take on the pythons. 

Most Ridiculous: Too many to count, but we're partial to the opening where a python eats a dog and then vomits out the remains. Just in case you stumbled across the movie without checking the listing and thought you were on the Discovery Channel.

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