Since we didn’t get a chance to do a recap/review of the fall finale of The Vampire Diaries called “O Come, All Ye Faithful,” we wanted to take a quick look ahead to the 7 burning questions we’ve got going into 2013 for our favorite vampire show.

Will Tyler survive his inevitable confrontation with Klaus?

Klaus decimated Tyler’s growing hybrid army and even murdered his mother. Tyler is going to want revenge—and fast. But would he actually be able to go toe-to-toe with Klaus? Especially since Stefan and team want nothing to do with him right now?

Will Jeremy finish his tattoo and who will actually get the cure?

The Vampire Diaries rarely puts a plotline in motion without seeing it to its inevitable conclusion. Jeremy will likely finish his tattoo before the season is over, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Elena would be the one to get the cure. Imagine the potential season 5 storylines if someone like Damon wound up getting cured…

Is there really a cure?

Then again, is there actually a cure? As we learned in season two, the Sun and the Moon curse was just a Klaus lie. Who’s to say the vampire cure isn’t a lie cooked up by someone like Professor Shane?

Will Professor Shane succeed and open Silas’ grave?

Likely yes, but will he like what he finds in there? Could Silas become the series villain that finally aligns Klaus and Stefan’s team together?

Will Jeremy and Bonnie get back together?

While Bonnie helped Jeremy break the bloodlust feeling he had for killing his sister, one couldn’t help but notice the chemistry they still had. Is reconciliation in the cards for 2013?

Will Elena break her sire bond with Damon and still love him?

Damon sent her away proving that the sire bond does truly exist. But that doesn’t mean Elena’s love for him is false. Will she actually break the sire bond and prove she truly loves him? Or will she learn it as all forced upon her by the sire bond?

Will April remove the dagger from Rebekah and be accepted into the fold?

Since she happened to be wearing a vervain bracelet, April now is clued into some of the supernatural mysteries going on in Mystic Falls. She’s last seen discovering her friend Rebekah’s body with a dagger inside. How quickly will she remove it? And what will Rebekah do when she wakes up?

* The Vampire Diaries returns with new episodes Thursday, January 17, 2013. *