Now that MatEva is an official thing (ewww, I know) or at least seems to be, me thinks Eva’s more the D.T.F girl, rather than the D.T.R type chick. Either way her mission to land a McKibben is pretty, much accomplished, but not without some manipulative maneuvering to get there. So, here we trace the 6 scheming steps Eva took to snag Matty.

1. For starters, she drove a wedge between Matty’s friends-with-benefits, sometime girlfriend, let’s just be friends partner Jenna. One startling example: Jenna looked to Eva for some girl counseling on Matty’s one word text to her, and she makes matters far worse saying those are usually the kiss of death for ‘shippers.

2. This one doesn’t require brain surgery; she tots threw herself on Matty every chance she got. If she wasn’t inviting him for lunch, she slithered up to him on the couch. Oh, didn’t she like offer to tuck him in when he got drunk before Sadie played ref?

3. To get to Matty, Eva had to go through a few other people, which she was perfectly willing to do. She shooed Jenna away when she was reaching out to him, blackmailed Sadie with an innocent photo of her and Matty to keep her distance, and finally tried to find anyone sober that could drag best bro Jake away from her and Matty’s presence.