Double the episodes, double the trouble for Molly, which was made all the more apparent by the major bombshells dropped on last week’s bundle episodes 7 and 8 (“More in Heaven and Earth” and “Incursion”)and the explosive discoveries just keep coming if you peeped the promo for tonight’s “Extant event.” But let’s focus on what we already know: Molly’s major alien baby drama, Ethan’s rapid transition to being a real boy and Julie’s beau’s hidden agenda. Where should we start?

1.Ethan’s Better Than You- John’s constant attempts at turning Ethan into a human boy have been, for the most part, fulfilled; he doesn’t listen, questions his parents directives and eavesdrops on adult conversations. It doesn’t get any authentic than that for an eight or 9-year-old boy. But as the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for…you just might get it. John is getting an advanced-level boy/android that has as much use for him—as far as educational guidance—as he would Rosetta Stone. Evident is John’s two-second bike lesson he gave Ethan. Was anyone else waiting for him to pop a wheelie? But things took a turn for the creepy when John’s selfish attempts to slow down Ethan’s progress are overridden by Ethan. Methinks the student has outmaneuvered the master.

2.Gordon Switches Sides- Just when you think Kryger is two seconds away from joining his mom (for reals this time) from Gordon’s severe beatings, he convinces Gordon to be a turncoat to Sparks. How? Turns out our friendly Absalom-huffing security guy’s Achilles heel is suffering from the same visions that Molly and Kryger are victims of. In other words, he sees dead people. Specifically his dead daddy that everyone wrote off as being nuts when he landed a plane into a cornfield because he heard "the voice of God." Pouncing on this new info (Kryger overheard a convo Gordon had with his mom) he forces Gordon to admit he’s got doubts about Sparks motives and challenges him to ditch the gas mask and join him and Molly’s movement for answers.

3.Where Is My Baby?-Once Molly has Sparks right where she wants him, she confronts him about her baby’s whereabouts. After she does her own mind manipulation over her boss, she follows him to her baby’s hideout. The first attempt to see her fetus fails, but after teaming up with Gordon and Kryger she’s able to get access, but it’s a moot point when the fetus—may have grown legs—escaped. Before making its getaway, it attempts to protect his mama by taking down a whole SWAT team. And try to communicate with her by delivering an eerie message of caution through the use of birds. Look to the sky, Molly.

4.Yasumoto Is Dying- Yasumoto’s devotion to this “life-sustaining” project has been uncovered when he reveals to Sparks he’s expiring. His resuscitating serum has since been used up and is looking to Molly’s baby to keep his eternal flame burning. Good luck with that.

5.Odin Finds a War-As earlier predicted, Julie’s new boyfriend Odin is more interested in destroying Ethan and his kind, than hitting the sheets with her. Ouch. He turns down her offer for a nightcap so he can attend an underground meeting with a group of A.I.-haters, including Yasumoto’s partner Femi Dodd. The group organizes a coup on A.I. forms, starting with Ethan.

6.Sparks’ Mind Breached- Soon after Molly’s baby escaped from his makeshift prison, it found a way inside of Sparks’ head. (Déjà vu?) In the form of his deceased daughter, Molly’s boy tries to get the distraught dad on his side.