In this week's episode of Criss Angel BeLIEve, animals were back in play as Criss attempted to make four of them disappear on the football field at Missouri State University. And back in Las Vegas, his apprentice Krystyn got her shot to impress the audience by performing two of Criss's own demonstrations. Here are five things we learned from 'Elephant Herd Vanish.'

01) We've found somebody who's crazier behind the wheel than Adam Ferrara. While the Top Gear co-host has definitely earned his nickname of 'The Wrecker' (we say that with love, Adam), it's a whole new class of crazy for Criss to attempt to drive blind with passengers in the vehicle. Although we'd argue that their constant screaming was probably a bigger distraction than not being able to see. And did we really need to call Banachek in the middle of this one?

02) Animals are difficult to work with. It's just like the old showbiz truism says. And in this case it's not even about anything the elephants do - it's everything that has to be done for them to safely and successfully be a part of this demonstration. As Spiro finds out, you can't just locate elephants and call it a day. He searches Florida, then visits a zoo in California, before he finally tracks down some circus elephants in Missouri. And then there's all the safety issues involved...

03) The things that look cool are not always the best idea. Speaking of safety issues, having a bunch of people handcuffed to one another surrounding the elephants could've gone horribly wrong. As Banachek pointed out, it was a dangerous move. Sure, it looked better than them just holding hands, and we're sure that there had to be a Plan B should the elephants have stampeded, but it still made us nervous.

04) To work with the best, you've got to be able to hang with the best. Kudos are in order to our friend Krystyn, who got to show off her own magic chops this week. She's as talented as she is beautiful, but she still had to meet Criss's exacting standards in order to get onto the stage. And that wasn't easy - as we saw, it took a lot of practice and overcoming quite a bit of nerves for her to make her successful debut. Congratulations, Krystyn, and thanks for reminding us ordinary viewers that it takes considerable effort and a little bit of courage to be a magician.

05) The process can be a long process. Check out all the archive footage included in this episode. We talk a lot about 'the process' with this show, and it's interesting to compare the finished versions of demonstrations we know to their original counterparts years earlier. The amount of time, effort and money invested into these things can be slightly baffling. For most of us, it might be hard to fathom working on something for years  at a time. But that's what you have to do when you're creating these concepts that are supposed to be grand and awe-inspiring. Those things don't happen overnight!

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