Yup, you read that right. And if you’re a frequent CBS watcher you’ve seen the creepy/steamy encounter astronaut Molly (Halle Berry) has with her…er…”visitor” on a space ship. Well, we have five clues that this doe-eyed extraterrestrial with the wandering hands is def the baby daddy of Holly’s unexpected fetus.

1. Familiar Face – He’s not some drive-by-night space stalker; Molly knows the face and name (Marcus) she’s having the stare off with, it’s her ex-boyfriend. No wonder she was quick to open that vaulted door. Have a funny feeling it won’t be the reunion she’s expecting. Dun Dun Dun…

2. Steaming Up the Space Shuttle – It’s not the rip-off-your space suit type intimacy we’re accustomed to, but some sorta sexual activity is going down. Hence their hand cupping face exchange, how Marcus ssssslllllooowwwwllly traces her zipper but stops at her stomach and their mouths are drawn together in an almost kiss. Or he seems to be sucking the life outta her. Either way it was pretty disturbingly erotic.

3. Cry for Help – Before Molly could spot Marcus through the window; she notices a drawn “Help Me” sign on the window. Could his problem be related to extinction? Is Molly his last hope to re-populate? Or is this simply a foreshadowing mechanism for Molly’s nine-month dilemma.

4. A Figment of Imagination – Yes, I know what you’re thinking…how can he be imagined if he got her preggers? Good point. But two signs point out that he could be:  1.Their conversation consists of talking to an echo. Like when you have convos in your head (don’t judge). 2. Unlike Molly, who is evidently present in the galaxy by the lack of gravity, Marcus’ feet are planted firmly on the shuttle’s ground. Hmmm, does that mean he’s adapted to space’s hold on weightlessness or he’s just not there?

5. He may be an alien or quite possibly a stowaway, according to David Letterman.

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