The seventh and final season of True Blood premieres Sunday night (6/22) and it's the beginning of the end for plucky telepathic waitress Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) and her merry band of dysfunctional supernaturals. True Blood is a perfect example of a show that started out wham-bam awesome right off the bat but then *sound of car crashing*. What went wrong? Could anything have been done to save it? Personally, I blame werewolves but here's some other reasons True Blood ran cold way before it's death date.

(Note: There's still a lot of positives with True Blood. It's often one of the funnier shows on TV, the majority of the acting is stellar, and there's an argument to be made for Sookie Stackhouse being a far more appropriate role model for women than that limpid Bella Swan readying to off herself over a vamp. What I'm typin' is that there are reasons why I'm staying with it until the last drop is bled. Not to mention, I'll be recapping True Blood's last season for Starpulse. Watch for em'!)