One look into his eyes and you're hooked. Not to mention his distinctive Irish accent almost sings to your ears. All he has to do is flash his large smile and you're infected with desire. Fans who are smitten with his work are said to be afflicted with the "Irish Fassy flu" but they don't want to be cured.

1. He's a chameleon as a method actor

Michael Fassbender never seems to look the same way twice. He is unrecognizable from role to role. You are never bored with this man because he morphs into a character so completely that every performance is unique. Even when he isn't speaking he is acting. When he is just staring silently in a scene his face speaks a millions words at once that keep you immersed in the story. It's in his subtle body movements, the look in his eyes, the way he melts into a portrayal that hooks you in and won't let you go. His ability to speak a foreign language like a native for a role is nothing but impressive. There is a powerful yet soft way of being when he is in the zone. As a fan you almost think you belong to him.

2. His presence takes over the screen

With his youth and dangerously good looks, Michael Fassbender brings back what the young Marlon Brando had - ability, sex appeal, intensity, and a presence that lights up the screen like nothing else. His acting takes you to another world. You get lost in the story and are transported to where he is. There is no distance between the audience and the screen. He pulsates and exudes such virility that you feel you're in it with him. Who can resist him when he sings, speaks French or German, and stares at the camera with those ice blue eyes of his? His eyes are like a conduit to an intense intimacy with the audience. You bond to his work.

3. He's a mystery

Michael Fassbender the man remains a mystery because his characters become him. His publicity generating activities off screen are limited to promoting his movies. The actor remains private about his real life which only makes him more intriguing.

4. He is known for his dedication and discipline

In 2010 Michael Fassbender was cast as a Roman soldier in the film Centurion. To play the lead role of Quintas Dias the actor bulked up to create a muscular frame. Two years earlier when Steve McQueen cast him in Hunger he lost half his body weight to play the emaciated hunger striker Bobby Sands. Michael Fassbender gives such a realistic performance he seems to reach across the screen and pull you towards him. When he is angry you feel angry. When he is affectionate your senses tingle. The moment he kisses the girl you almost feel your lips burn.

5. He's perfectly imperfect

You know he will break your heart but you watch him anyway. He smokes, he's wild, he's a heart-breaker lady killer without apology, he inspires ramblings that would make Anais Nin blush, and has an eye for something dangerous in his method. His predilection for motorcycles and fast cars hint at a wild side. Never was admiring a bad boy feel so good. Yet all this only makes Michael Fassbender incredibly sexy and real.