There’s not a week that goes by where I don’t do a Google search to scour the internet for the latest news on a possible cinematic adaptation of the cult television show “Arrested Development.”  The show, which was cancelled back in 2006, never was able to attract a large mainstream audience.  Its brand of offbeat humor was not for everyone, but those who appreciated it have formed an intensely devoted fan base.  As a result, if anything, the show has attracted more notoriety since its cancellation, and gained an even bigger following when it came to DVD.  Creator Mitchell Hurwitz has for years toyed with the idea of reuniting the cast to make a movie that would tie up some of the loose ends.  Even though most television to film transformations go horribly wrong, I am absolutely for this. I can’t imagine anything less than a completely riotous finished product.  I mean, not all of these adaptations go bad; some are actually pretty great.  Here are a few of them.