This Friday is a big day. Not only because there are 20 movies releasing, according to, but because a loved show will be revived onto the big screen. All hail for a Veronica Mars reunion. Now slow down on the excitement fans because the movie is only releasing in limited theaters. Bummer, I know. But if it does well, which I’m sure it will because the movie grew from a Kickstarter project (meaning popularity votes,) we can hope to see it nationwide.

The movie, titled the same as the TV show, is set to have most of the original cast. I mean, it wouldn’t be the same without Kristen Bell, right? Newlywed and with a baby in hand, ok not so new seeing as it was last year, Bell has grown up quite a bit since playing a witty high school teen in Mars. Now 33, Bell has settled into a comedic family life with her husband Dax Shepard and is spending her time well seeing as she was one of the main forces to bring Mars back to life. Since her Mars days, she has taken on a few TV roles and a good number of movie gigs. We can best remember her from "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" or just recently in, what is now very popular, "Frozen." But, as a Veronica Mars fan, did you ever get to know Bell? After you read over my Bell fun facts, you are guaranteed to love her as much as you love Veronica Mars.

1. Bell is a vegetarian by choice. She has always had an appreciation to animals and never cared to eat meat. She is a good vegetarian as well, having claimed to always love Brussels sprouts.

2. Very comfortable with her body, Bell likes to lounge around her house naked. “I love making breakfast naked,” she told Jane Magazine. Not only does she love her body, but so does Maxim. They have named her a hottie on their Hot list a number of times.

3. She loves fan boy projects because a lot of them are scripts with intelligent plots. She is okay with being a geek about those things and enjoys the geek followers. Jumping to comic books, she would also like to be in a Batman movie someday.

4. You Gossip Girl fans, remember that background voice narrating every episode? That voice you can’t get out of your head? That was Bell. She has also done voice work for the video game "Assassin’s Creed." That’s a big jump going from Ms. Popular to Ms. Gamer.

5. Seems like Bell is also one of the rare genuine actors out there. When her co-star Ryan Hansen and his wife Amy were looking for a home, Bell invited them to temporarily live with her. They ended up staying for two years. You would think she’d kicked them out within the first six months, but no because she liked having them as roommates.