The fifth installment of the Scary Movie franchise promises to bring just as many laughs and shocks as its four predecessors. Fronted by Ashley Tisdale and Scary Movie veteran Simon Rex, Scary Movie 5 spoofs the best (and the worst) that the horror genre has offered in the past few years. Let’s take a look at the top five facts about Scary Movie 5:

1. Ashley Tisdale got selected for her starring role in an unusual way. Tisdale plays leading woman Jody, who has to keep the ghosts and ghouls from destroying her happy little family. Writer David Zucker was having trouble casting the role, but found inspiration in an unlikely place – his 10 year-old daughter’s favorite movie. Little Sarah Zucker recommended Sharpay from High School Musical for the part, and her father took notice of Tisdale’s comedic chops. It turns out that Tisdale is the same age Anna Faris was when she started out in the franchise, so the timing is perfect.

2. Scary Movie 5 parodies a number of current horror movies, including a few that are even still in theatres. The horror-comedy takes on Paranormal Activity (particularly Paranormal Activity 3 and 4), Black Swan, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Mama and Evil Dead. Mama is only four months old, and Evil Dead, though inspired by the ‘80s classic, just came out in theatres last week – one week before Scary Movie 5. Talk about meta. The movie also parodies some non-horror material, like Inception and 50 Shades of Grey.

3. While Tisdale and Simon Rex play the leads, the rest of the cast is comprised of a star-studded list of celebrity cameos. Molly Shannon plays an aging prima ballerina who refuses to give Jody the spotlight. Snoop Dogg is a weary hiker who happens to stumble upon a titular cabin in the woods. Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan have a memorable scene together that audiences will be talking about for weeks. Sarah Hyland, Katrina Bowden, Darrell Hammond, Bow Wow and Katt Williams all make appearances as well.

4. Most of the movie was reshot to include Mama as the main parody. Zucker has spoken candidly about reshooting much of the movie after realizing that the movie was lacking a main “monster” to tie the plot together. Without a physical demon to fight the cast, the film didn’t seem complete, so reshoots centered around rewriting the plot to include elements that parodied the plotline of the recent horror flick. Since Evil Dead was expected to be a box office success, a playful scene in which Tisdale visits the cabin was also added.

5. Simon Rex was so devoted to the physical comedy aspects of his role, that he almost seriously injured himself in the process. In one scene, where his character is supposed to be transported to the hospital after a tussle with “Mama,” Rex’s stretcher falls and his head hits the side of the ambulance from high up, and at a fast speed. The production crew had to edit around the injury so audiences wouldn’t see Rex’s real-life mishap. Fortunately, he wasn’t seriously hurt, and could continue filming in no time.