Philadelphia, the sixth most populous city in America and the birth place of constitution, is a beautiful East coast metropolis that has been the backdrop for some of the greatest films in cinema history. Sometimes it is over looked as another city outside New York, but the city of brotherly love can hold its own.

Our list of the top 5 films about Philadelphia shows off all of Philadelphia's cultural landmarks and beauty.

#5 12 Monkeys

You don't get much better than Bruce Willis as a time traveling savior of the free world and Brad Pitt as a mental patient with a love for animals. The film "12 Monkeys" opened in very limited release (three theaters originally) but ended up grossing over $169 million. As a sci-fi cult classic, the film has been picked about by sci-fi junkies and even its directors - they made a movie about the making of the movie! The film tackles the themes of sanity, memory, and time travel. What it also did was make the center of the existence of earth in a little town called Philadelphia!

#4 The Sixth Sense

We all remember the drama that was stirred up when "The Sixth Sense" came out. You couldn't talk about it, and you couldn't give any hits or details away. It had a twist that was so unexpected it caught everyone off guard! "The Sixth Sense" was the beginning of M. Night Shyamalan's suspense/thrillers that made you read into red lights and open doors. He also set a precedence of filming in Philadelphia, where he currently resides.

#3 Trading Places

Comedy gold, this 1983 Academy Award nominee shows off Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd at their best. In a film about what would happen if a socialite fell from glory and street hustle was hoisted to royalty, we are introduced to characters that have left their mark on pop culture even to this day. Who hasn't seen the scene of Billy Ray Valentine wheeling himself through the streets of downtown Philadelphia pretending to be a paraplegic/blind/tone deaf war vet redone again and again. Who can forget the comedy genius of Don Ameche and Ralph Bellamy as Mortimer and Randolph Duke? This film is comedic perfection and took a chance of filming in a city not often used as a backdrop - Philly!

#2 Philadelphia

Winner of the Academy Award for Best Lead Actor and Best Song, this controversial film told the story of a gay lawyer (Tom Hanks) who contracts HIV and fights against the prejudices held against him at a law office. The landmark film helped define the careers of both Denzel Washington and Tom Hanks. To top all this, it painted a beautiful picture of Philadelphia and all its landmarks.

#1 Rocky

The pride and joy of Philadelphians is without a doubt Rocky Balboa. Rocky is a hero in Philadelphia to this day. The only thing that could have made him bigger was if he quit boxing in Rocky V and became quarterback for the Eagles. The city of Philadelphia has undeniable pride for this film, even putting a statue of Rocky's likeness on display at the Public Library where he famously ran the 100+ stairs in his prefight training. This film represents the city to a "t." It is a great story of an underdog getting ahead and of a bum proving everyone wrong.

Now Philly natives, add your 2 cents below. What are the films that make you proud to be from Philadelphia?

Story by Iyana Gregory
Starpulse contributing writer