There have been 11 installments in the Friday the 13th saga (parts one through eight, Jason X, Jason VS Freddy, and Jason Goes to Hell), and all that we really have learned is that Jason Vorhees is an indestructible, undead mute who likes to wear sporting equipment over his face and kill people, mostly teenagers, in new and exciting ways.

This has been his pastime since 1980, and along the way he’s met all kinds of interesting characters, and usually he proceeds to kill them. Some of these folks have gone onto projects with a little more substance, and some have increased notoriety with equally stupid endeavors. Either way, Starpulse is paying tribute to the top five guest stars in Friday the 13th films:

5. Shavar Ross as Reggie in Friday the 13th Part V: A New Beginning

Shavar isn’t really a household name, but you no doubt remember him as Dudley, Arnold’s best friend, on the 1980’s sitcom Diff’rent Strokes. You couldn’t really call Jason and Reggie friends, unless your idea of friends is when one tries to stab the other with a knife, and the other friend retaliates by running him over with a bulldozer. The look on Dudley's, er, Shavar’s, face when he’s driving that thing is hilarious, and it earns him a slot on our list.

Friday the 13th Part 5 - Shavar Ross

4. Every Woman Who Ever Got Naked "Friday the 13th" Films

Most every teenager who visits Camp Crystal Lake dies at the hands of Jason Vorhees, but one surefire way to get bumped up the list of victims is to take your clothes off, especially for skinny dipping. The story has it Jason is still mad about the camp counselors cavorting around with one another while he drowned as a young boy. That’s why he has come back from the dead to kill every teenager he can get his hands on, but he especially hates people skinny dipping and making out. Perhaps he feels slighted of his years of sex, having died at such a young age. Whatever his reasons may be, don’t go getting superfluously naked at Camp Crystal Lake, or you’ll find yourself with a sharp object puncturing your naked skin quicker than you can say teenage sex romp.

3. Crispin Glover as Jimmy in Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter

Crispin is most famous for his role of George McFly in Back to the Future. He should be more remembered for his role as Layne in "The River’s Edge," and he likely wishes he was never associated with "The Final Chapter." Jimmy is tormented by a “friend” about the rumor of him being a lousy lay with the ladies (the phrase they actually use is a little more explicit). When he actually does get some, his lover tells him he was incredible. He then delivers a pair of panties to his tormenter as evidence of his success and is promptly killed. The message? Don’t kiss and tell, or you might find yourself face-to-face with a knife-wielding psychopath. It’s not his death scene that lives in infamy, but his dance number. Just have a look, and you’ll agree that Mr. Glover can’t be kept off a list like this.

2. Kevin Bacon as Jack Burrell in Friday the 13th

Years before Kevin kicked off his Sunday shoes in Footloose, Jason stabbed him in the throat. Not only does Kevin walk around half mast in a Speedo, but later he is smoking a doobie in bed and gets stabbed through his neck from under the bed. Serves him right for that Speedo.

1. Corey Feldman as Tommy Jarvis in Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter

When you think about it, the only thing this guy ever did that was great was Stand By Me. Certainly The Lost Boys and License To Drive were fun, but neither was likely to win any accolades. Before all of these movies and before he became part of the Meatballs saga (Meatballs 4), he starred in "Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter," a puzzling title since there would be seven more chapters after this one. He plays Tommy Jarvis, a young boy who shaves his head to look like Jason, causing Jason to do his famous head tilt look of befuddlement, giving his sister the opportunity she needed to stab him with a knife. Feldman also smashes a computer over Jason’s head, and computers in the 1980’s if you’ll recall were big, bulky, and no joke. For that maneuver alone, Corey solidifies a spot on our countdown.

The next "Friday The 13th" is set for release in February 2009. Jason Vorhees returns to the big screen in a remake that nixes the original's conceit that Mrs. Vorhees was the killer in order to give more screen time to her hockey-masked murderous son, who will once again haunt the cursed campgrounds of Crystal Lake. Supernatural's Jared Padalecki and former The O.C. star Amanda Righetti star. We'll have to wait and see how memorable their performances will be.

Story by Matthew J. Swanson
Starpulse contributing writer