4.Drillbit Taylor

Teaching kids about responsibility, hard work, and the difference between right and wrong is never funny. Teaching kids how to fight dirty on the other hand, is hilarious every time. Drillbit Taylor is a story about a homeless ex-soldier hired by three freshmen to teach them how to fight the school bully. When I first saw the trailer for this movie I thought it sounded like a John Hughes plot. Turns out, it was a John Hughes idea, penned by the capable and hilarious Seth Rogen. A great recipe for R-rated kid gold. Owen Wilson’s portrayal of the title character is hilariously fraudulent at every turn, and the three young men he attempts to mentor are classic John Hughes “coming-of-age in the big, bad world of high school” characters. Drillbit himself would have been funny no matter what the story line, but the addition of the kids makes this a classic and a strong addition to the list.

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