Why do we love R-rated comedy? Answer: The swearing is better. This sex is more comical. The shenanigans are more extreme. What makes any R-rated comedy better? Answer: Children.

The addition of children to any hilarious movie only makes that movie more hilarious. Having kids along for the ride takes all the things we love about these films and intensifies them. Having a kid in the car during a chase scene makes the danger more real and more frightening (hence the title of this column). Swearing, the lifeblood of any R-rated comedy, seems all the more taboo when it’s done in front of kids. And finally, whether the child is a part of the story by choice or circumstance, the main character seems all the more reprehensible for exposing the child to whatever shenanigans are involved. (We like reprehensible. Don’t you watch Archer or It’s Always Sunny?) So to sum up, though I would never let Jonah Hill babysit my children (for fear a Judd Apatow film might spontaneously break out) I can’t wait to see The Sitter, which promises to be a very funny addition to the storied history of R-rated comedies with kids. To honor the release of The Sitter, let’s count down the 5 best movies of this genre.

5. Bad Teacher

This movie had what I like to call the 3 D’s of comedy. Dodgeball, dry humping, and dope. We’ve all had teachers who we thought might be in it for the wrong reasons, but Cameron Diaz blows them all out of the water. Her pot-smoking, dry-hump-affair-having, fake-breast-wanting portrayal of a middle school teacher made us all laugh, cry, and think about sending our kids to private school. The dodgeball scenes with her students were each fantastic, and her advice for the boy with unrequited love was jaw-droppingly funny. The only way this movie could have been funnier was if some students had witnessed that incredibly awkward dry humping scene between her and Justin Timberlake, but hey, hindsight is 20/20.  Bad Teacher is a strong start to our list.