Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook seem innocent enough at first glance, but many major celebrities have quickly learned about their dangerous side. Posts go viral in seconds and once said, no amount of deleting will take care of the screen shot that someone surely got of your blunder. Here are some top celeb mistakes along with the valuable lessons you can learn from them.

Anthony Weiner's Twitter Expose

Anthony Weiner accidentally posted a revealing photo of his boxers on Twitter that ultimately cost him his career. The mistake occurred when Weiner was attempting to send the picture as a direct message and accidentally used the @ mention instead of the correct "D" prefix that would have made the picture private.

The lesson here is that social media sites like Twitter should never be used for anything private, no matter how you plan to send the information. Stick to a safer means of communication and leave your social media accounts for public affairs only.

FYI: After quitting Twitter for two years, Weiner just opened a new account – speculating he might be running for Mayor of New York City.