Jay-Z: The Jay-Z many people know and love today is very different than who he once was.  The now business guru and master of Hip Hop was a drug dealer in his early days.  Growing up as Shawn Corey Carter, he lived in the drug-infested projects of Brooklyn, New York with a single mother who struggled to put dinner on the table.  In addition to drug dealing, Jay-Z also shot his own brother in the shoulder after accusing him of stealing.  Some light began to shine on his rough life when he started using his talent in rapping as an escape from the bad influences which surrounded him. Ever wondered how he got his stage name? Well, with the childhood nickname, “Jazzy” Shawn rapped wherever he could get a small crowd until he joined rapper, “Jaz-O” who also served as a mentor.  Together, the two recorded a song called “The Originators” which later granted them an appearance on an episode of “Yo! MTV Raps.”  Still anonymous and unable to get picked up by a single record company, he was forced to start his own Indie label.  Roc-a-fella Records was his first business venture and has now made him millions upon millions.  Near criminal turned producer and music/fashion business mogul-now that is a success story.

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