Evil Dead, the remake of the 1981 horror classic of the same name, already garnered itself a ton of controversy before its April 5 release. Sure to bring a whole new audience to the beloved horror franchise, the new "Evil Dead" may become a classic in its own right.

Here are several interesting things you should know about this gruesome flick before sitting down in the theatre to watch:

1. The new Evil Dead has the complete backing of the original production crew. In fact, it is being produced by Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell. Campbell rocketed to stardom by portraying hero Ash in the Evil Dead movies, and gained an intensely loyal fan following based off of that performance. Raimi also gained credibility as a director and went on to create some of the most memorable blockbusters to date, such as the Spiderman franchise.

Campbell is incredibly enthusiastic about the remake and wants fans to feel the same way, saying, "These are the original producers making this movie, not some fat slob producer looking for a cheap property to get their hands on. I am far more concerned with this being a good movie than the fans are."

2. The new movie is much gorier than the original. Where The Evil Dead was light on the blood splatter and featured a lot of claymation to depict peoples' heads exploding, 2013 brings with it many more opportunities to show gratuitous violence, and boy does this movie deliver. Evil Dead is not for the faint of heart.

3. When filming the gory special effects, the movie uses absolutely no CGI. In a time where some movies are filmed with tons of computer generated images, this seems like revolutionary filmmaking. One of the film's stars, Jane Levy, has spoken candidly about being effectively buried alive in one scene, where she was covered in heavy layers of dirt, blood and plastic and had to use a breathing tube in order to survive filming without suffocating. It will be interesting to see what this means for the more gruesome deaths and dismemberments; how will they get around decapitations and dislocations, spurting blood deaths and possessed friends without the help of trusty CGI?

4. Hardcore horror movie fans are boycotting the flick on principle, but don’t be a sheep. Some early reviews are saying that this could be the rare remake that fans could love more than the original. Sharp, edgy, gory and following the same story as the beloved original, Evil Dead is a harsh and gritty reboot that celebrates the camp that made the original great, but has the gorier elements that modern horror enthusiasts love.