Day 21: Vampyr (1932): Made in 1932, Carl Theodor Dreyer’s Vampyr could be considered behind the times what with its\ sticking to silent movie tropes severak years after the advent of talkies, but if Charlie Chaplin made his best movies in the sound era, that’s no reason to hate on a film as beautifully shot as Vampyr. Dreyer is most famous for making The Passion of Joan of Arc, a movie I have had on my shelf for four years and haven’t watched, so this is my first introduction to the director. Spare on dialogue, Vampyr makes eloquent use of the camera, capturing troubling images like dancing shadows on the wall and the face of a woman who’s been corrupted by the vampire. At just over an hour long, Vampyr is a concentrated dose of, for lack of a better phrase, the willies.