Greetings ghouls, goblins and basement dwellers!

Unless you’re in Southern California (113 degrees this week!) the weather is starting to cool off and the neighborhood trees are just starting to throw on their fall colors. The month of October means different things to all types of people: sports fans have football season hitting its stride, food-blog types have new vegetables to shill, kids have a lot of school to attend--which kind of sucks for them. For me the month of October means watching an unhealthy amount of horror movies.

For the past two years, I’ve watched a horror movie I hadn’t seen before for the 31 days leading up to Halloween. It’s become an annual event that allows me to catch up on some new movies that passed me by in the previous year (The Crazies, The Last Exorcism), fancy pants foreign horror flicks (Eyes Without a Face, Onibaba) and just a bunch of really gross, weird shit that will hopefully make me feel bad about the human condition (Blood for Dracula, The Human Centipede).  But most of all, it’s a great excuse to thin out my Netflix queue.

So for all of October, tune in here for daily updates on my month-long descent into madness (except on weekends, where I will be too busy doing nothing to write for you people). Hopefully we’ll find some gems in this giant pile of cinematic junk food, but even if that doesn’t work out, it’s a safe bet that we’ll see something ridiculous--after all, Night of the Lepus and Death Bed: The Bed That Eats have both been short listed this year, so I can guarantee we’ll at least see either giant, killer bunnies or a bed that eats people.

Patton Oswalt on Death Bed (NSFW Audio)

For now though, you can catch up on last year’s 31 Days of Horror (Part 2: The Revenge), written back when Paranormal Activity was new and exciting and there was only one hokey 3D horror movie in theaters, here.

Come back Monday for coverage of the first weekend of October in which we’re watching Lucio Fulci’s The Beyond, Eli Roth’s breakthrough Cabin Fever and the recently remade Swedish vampire flick Let the Right One In.

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