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Kelly Carlson in a bikini. Not to be confused with Kelly Clarkson, who you DON'T want to see in a bikini - IDLYITW

4 Dating Red Flags Men Look For - Your Tango

30 Rock is a rip-off of The Muppet Show - Brian Lynch

Heather Graham Looks Hot in a Peek-a-boo Dress - Gabby Babble

Goths In Hot Weather - GIHW

12 (fantastic) Christina Aguilera see-through moments - City Rag

Soon you'll be able to pee on Gene Simmons - Idolator

Monkeylectric Turns Your Bike Wheel Into a Display While You Ride - Gizmodo

Awesome: Swimming On The Edge Of Victoria Falls - Environmental Graffiti

Hair bands forever! Grunge never! - msnbc

Never buy porn at a convenience store:

Not Kelly Clarkson.

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