30 Bitter Neighbors That Wrote Passive-Aggressive Notes

If you've ever had a neighbor, you've probably had the "pleasure" of being ticked off by them at some point. Perhaps their music is too loud or they like to get into screaming matches with their significant others at 3 a.m. Regardless of what your experience might have been, you either spoke up about the problem, or you didn't. Perhaps you had a conversation with your neighbor or maybe you went about things a different way.

Some people prefer not to actually confront their neighbors when things go wrong, but will take it upon themselves to leave a note behind. Sometimes these notes are funny, sometimes they are angry, but they are almost always hilarious.

Check out some of the funniest, most passive-aggressive notes that these bitter people left their neighbors.

1. Your Move


2. "Call Of Duty"... That Explains Everything

3. Tell Us How You Really Feel

4. I'm Not A Psychiatrist, But...

5. She's Impressionable!

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